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Legends of Runeterra update: Patch 1.10

Keep up to date with every Legends of Runeterra update arriving in-game

It’s no wonder we need a Legends of Runeterra update every couple of weeks, when the game is as crazy as it is – especially when you consider that the game hasn’t even been out that long. Legends of Runeterra has some worryingly powerful champion combos, so every Legends of Runeterra update is super important in balancing these, and keeping the game as fair as possible for everyone playing.

Whether it’s balancing those pesky Noxian aggro decks, tinkering around with Braum, or a new game mode, like Labs and Gauntlet, each Legends of Runeterra update keeps the game alive-and-kicking, giving you new ways to annihilate each other in style, while also having a bit of fun.

So feel free to peruse our Legends of Runeterra update guide for all the changes coming to the game, both past and present. If you find our update guide helpful, be sure to have a browse of our regularly updated Legends of Runeterra tier list and our list of the best Legends of Runeterra decks!

Here is the latest Legends of Runeterra update:

legends of runeterra update 1.10

The first patch for Call of the Mountain has been released. Update 1.10 brings a variety of changes to the game. Here are all the details:

  • Champions: Ezreal and Lee Sin have received changes
  • New Lab: Welcome to the Jungle is a new lab that sees you build a deck from scratch, while both opponents have to protect and eliminate vulnerable and immobile jungle monsters on the board. Each monster eliminated grants a powerful buff, but stronger monsters spawn in their place
  • New Gauntlet: standard gauntlet has received an update that includes a new pick and ban phase, letting both opponents ban one of three potential deck choices for the other
  • Expeditions: Expeditions archetypes have changed slightly, diluting the Targon archetypes, and their easy availability
  • Balancing: a variety of balancing changes to spells and units

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.10: Champions


  • Old card text: You’ve targeted enemies 8+ times
  • New card text: You’ve targeted enemies 10+ times

Lee Sin

  • Cost: 6-4
  • Health: 6-4
  • New card text: You’ve cast 8+ spells
  • New level up: Dragon’s Rage is replaced with Sonic Wave

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.10: units and spells

Here are the unit and spell changes in Legends of Runeterra update 1.10:

War Chefs

  • Power: 2-1

Flash of Brilliance

  • Cost: 4-3

Overgrown Snapvine

  • Power: 4-5

Crackshot Corsair

  • Health: 1-2

Jagged Taskmaster

  • Cost: 3-2
  • Power: 4-3
  • Health: 3-2

Yordle Grifter

  • Old card text: Create a [Warning Shot] in hand. Allegiance: Nab 1
  • New card text: Allegiance: Nab 1 and create a [Warning Shot] in hand.

Cygnus the Moonstalker

  • Power: 4-5
  • Health: 2-3

Legends of runeterra update 1.8

The Call of the Mountain expansion releases August 26 at 11:00 PT (19:00 BST), and brings 51 cards, seven Champions, and a variety of cosmetics. Legends of Runeterra update 1.8 is dropping alongside, and here’s what it brings:

  • Call of Mountain: a new expansion with Champions, cards, and cosmetics
  • Champions: seven new Champions arrive for Call of the Mountain, with Leona, Diana, Aurelion Sol, and Taric for the expansion, and Lulu, Trundle, and Nocturne for existing game factions
  • Region roads: a new Targon region road is added, as well as extending others, and adding Call of the Mountain cards as progress rewards
  • New Lab: Discover Targon offers six pre-made decks from the expansion, to help you learn the new strategies
  • Ranked season: ranks will be adjusted, and rewards given out, as a new ranked season begins today
  • Expeditions: seven new Call of the Mountain archetypes are now available when building Expeditions decks
  • Challenges: new challenges, quests, and AI decks are available
  • Preview: Riot are giving us a sneak peak of update 1.10 and 1.11, where they plan to overhaul Lee Sin to make him useful in the early game, change Ezreal’s level-up difficulty, and Yordle Grifter’s allegiance
  • Balancing: a few updates for pre-existing game cards

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.8: New Champions

Here are the new Champions added with Call of the Mountain:


  • A Mount Targon Champion


  • A Mount Targon Champion


  • A Mount Targon Champion

Aurelion Sol

  • A Mount Targon Champion


  • A Shadow Isles Champion


  • A Freljord Champion


  • An Ionia Champion

Legends of Runeterra Update 1.8: units

Here are the unit changes in Legends of Runeterra update 1.8:

Fury of the North

  • New text: give an ally +3/+4 this round

Trifarian Assessor

  • Cost: 4-5

Sump Dredger

  • Next text: Play: Discard 1 to draw 1

Zaunite Urchin

  • Next text: Play: Discard 1 to draw 1


The Spirit Blossom Festival is still going, and here are the changes the Legends of Runeterra update 1.7 brings:

  • New Lab: Quickdraw has you draw five fleeting cards with reduced mana costs, but only three mana to use per round
  • Singleton Gauntlet: tri-region decks are now allowed in the Gauntlet
  • Deck building: filtering decks for specific game rules, like Gauntlet, is now possible
  • Cosmetics and card backs: new purchasable options themed around the Spirit Blossom Festival


The Spirit Blossom Festival has arrived! Find out about Legends of Runeterra update 1.6 below:

  • Spirit Blossom: from July 22 – August 19, new multiplayer rewards are available as part of the festival, along with a purchasable festival pass
  • New Lab: Bestow gives players extra Nexus health and pre-constructed decks
  • Champions: updates to Braum, Heimerdinger, and Eggnivia
  • Units: balancing changes for Bilgewater, Noxus, and Ionia

Legends of Runeterra update 1.6: Champions


3 mana spells now create:

Mk3: Apex Turret

  • Power: 3
  • Health: 1
  • Fearsome

4 mana spells now create:

Mk4: Stormlobber

  • Power: 4
  • Health: 1
  • Overwhelm

6 mana spells now create:

Mk6: Floor-b-gone

  • Power: 6
  • Health: 1
  • Elusive


  • Power: 1-0

Leveled Braum

  • Power: 2-1


  • Health: 2-1

Legends of Runeterra update 1.6: units

Here are the unit and spell changes for Legends of Runeterra update 1.6:

Relentless Pursuit

  • Speed: fast – slow

Arena Bookie

  • Cost: 3-2
  • Health: 1-2

Basilisk Rider

  • Power: 5-4

Crimson Disciple

New text: When I survive damage, deal 1 to the enemy Nexus.

Legion Grenadier

  • Health: 1-2
  • New text: Last Breath: Deal 1 to the enemy Nexus.

Flash of Brilliance

  • Cost: 3-4

Sump Dredger

  • Cost: 2-3
  • New text: To play me, discard 1 and draw 1.

Zaunite Urchin

  • New text: To play me, discard 1 and draw 1.

Shadow Assassin

  • Power: 2-1

Steel Tempest

  • Cost: 3-2

River Shaper

  • Health: 1-2

Will of Ionia

  • Cost: 4-5

Golden Narwhal

  • Cost: 3-2
  • Health: 4-3

Hunting Fleet

  • Cost: 5-4
  • Power: 7-6
  • Health 7-6

If you want to play Legends of Runeterra for yourself, check the Google Play and App Store pages for download. Also be sure to see out Legends of Runeterra review!