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All Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga minikits

Unlock extra in-game content with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga minikits, you can. To find them all, our guide you should read

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It wouldn’t be a Lego game without a bunch of bricky collectables, and in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, it’s all about hunting down minikits. While the latest Lego Star Wars game does have a slightly different feel from the previous instalments, minikits are still a big piece of the completionist puzzle, and to find them all, you need to search every corner of the universe. Or, you could just let us do it. 

In our Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga minikits guide, we’ve got all you need to gather the collectables from across the galaxy far, far away, without taking a long, long time. In previous games, finding a certain amount of minikits often has had some type of reward attached, such as character unlocks, different game modes, or tasty easter eggs for the legions of loyal Lucasfilm and Lego fans. So, if you want to claim all the space brick booty, you need to locate every last one. 

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All Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga minikits 

All Episode I: The Phantom Menace minikits 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit in Opee chase

A Bigger Fish minikits

  1. 1) The first minikit is hidden inside a bubble on the left hand of the screen. You need to blow this bubble up to loosen the minikit and collect it. It’s quite easy to miss this first collectable, so you might need to replay the level once or twice. 
  2. 2) You find the second minikit in the upper left-hand of the screen during the Opee Sea Killer chase. It goes by fast, so try to position yourself on the upper left as often as you can. 
  3. 3) The third minikit is hidden inside a school of fish on the right-hand side of the screen. Don’t chase this one though, as it’ll appear behind you before it moves along with the fish, going along the bottom of the screen where you can grab the collectable. 
  4. 4) In the second phase of the chase, you go into a dark cavern. Here, the fourth minikit is on the right-hand side again. Fire your weapons at the minikit to add it to your collection. 
  5. 5) It’s back over to the left of the screen for the final minikit, fire the blasters when you see it, and you’ve got your fifth. 

First Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit in Boonta Eve mission

The Boonta Eve Classic minikits

  1. 1) You can find the first pod-racing minikit before the first right-hand corner of the race, on the low path of the course. 
  2. 2) The next mini-kit on your first lap is found in Laguna Caves. Speed into the area from the left, and keep an eye out for the minikit caught between some rocks, just before the exit. 
  3. 3) The third minikit is just before the finish line. Once the arena stands come into sight, position yourself as far left as you can before the corner, and you should grab the collectable with ease. 
  4. 4) The fourth minikit appears after the power coupling issue on the second lap. Keep right as you fly through Arch Canyon, the most northern point of the map, for minikit number four. 
  5. 5) You can find the final minikit from The Boonta Eve Classic just after your second trip through the Laguna Caves. Keep to the right for the next corner, and then smash through the rock before the big final turn to get the fifth minikit.  

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit from climbing the lift in Better Call Mall

Better Call Maul minikits

  1. 1) Your first minikit is right at the bottom of the map. Find a vent that Obi-Wan can use the force on to create a platform, jump up and use the force once more, then follow the steps to the minikit number one. 
  2. 2) For the second minikit, you need to destroy all five of the cleaning robots in the first area of the level before continuing to chase Darth Maul. Just make sure that you check all the ring platforms for cleaning robots, smash them into bricks, and you have the second collectable. 
  3. 3) On the bottom right ring platform on the map, there are some breakable items that you can destroy and reconfigure into a set of switches. Use items from around the map, and both characters, to hit all the buttons at once for your third minikit. 
  4. 4) For the fourth minikit you’ll need a character like Padme (Ship) to unhook a hidden compartment in the floor just before the Darth Maul fight. Switch character and pull out the prize minikit. 
  5. 5) The final Better Call Maul minikit is a bit of a freebie. Just jump to your doom in the boss fight section, through the middle of the ring platform, and you can collect the fifth minikit. 

Fixing the statue in Outgunned but not out-gungan-ed in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ed minikits

  1. 1) Find the pile of golden items on the right side of the first area, and switch to a character with a powerful enough blaster to break apart the pile for your first minikit. 
  2. 2) Swap to a character with explosives and find the metal case behind the vehicles. Smash the case to pieces, and the second minikit is yours. 
  3. 3) For the third minikit, you need a character with the force, so switch out to Obi-Wan. Find the broken green pieces at the back of the small area, reassemble them into a statue, and grab your minikit. 
  4. 4) Head to the left of the map area with a scavenger character and find the container. Use one of your items to smash through the container doors and collect the fourth minikit. 
  5. 5) For the final minikit you need a character with a blaster again. Patrol the perimeter of the small area, and shoot all five drones out of the sky for the fifth collectable in the level. 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit from this is podracing, under the asteroid

Now This is Podracing minikits

  • 1) To get the first minikit, you need to finish the race portion of the level in under 100 seconds. This goal is pretty achievable, and as it’s at the start of the level, you can easily retry if anything goes wrong.
  • 2) For the next minikit, you need to destroy all four communication satellites on the bottom of the ship. You get a notification for each you destroy, so just make sure you’re four for four and the collectable is as good as yours.
  • 3) The last three minikits are all inside the battle station, having completed the space-flying section of the mission. As you go into the turret section of the level, you’ll notice three counters at the side of the screen. Destroy the required amount of enemies and you’ll get all three minikits, completing the Phantom Menace

All Episode II: Attack of the Clones minikits 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikits from Wessel mission

A Wrestle with Wessell minikits

  • 1) Early in the level you see a flying forklift truck with some cargo. Take the cargo out with your blasters, and the first minikit is yours. 
  • 2) After clearing the last power coupling gate, you see a minikit surrounded by electrical currents just before finishing the section. You won’t be damaged by the electricity, so just drive through to collect the second minikit. 
  • 3) During the city chase portion of the mission, there are three hologram minikits floating around to be taken down. Destroy all three, and you’ve got your third minikit. 
  • 4) The fourth minikit is hiding in plain sight, inside of a larger minikit hologram around the mid-way point of the city chase. Fly directly through the hologram to grab your collectable. 
  • 5) For the final minikit, destroy as many advertising boards as possible in the last section of the chase. So long as you don’t rush taking down Wessell, and break apart enough boards, you can get the fifth minikit without much hassle. 

Finding Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikits in a space exploration mission

The Hunt for Jango minikits

  • 1) For the first minikit, take a look around the area and find the smallest, oddly shaped comet. Blow it to smithereens for collectable number one of the mission. 
  • 2) The second minikit is on the bottom of one of the bigger asteroids in the area. Check all of the floating space rocks to find what you’re looking for. 
  • 3) Destroy five of the floating satellites for the third minikit. 
  • 4) One of the five satellites has a minikit floating just by it. Pass through close to pick it up, and destroy the satellite to add to your tally. 
  • 5) The final minikit is in the heart of the biggest asteroid in the area, and you need to fly through its tunnels to find it. There aren’t too many split paths, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty locating the fifth collectable. 

The first Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit in the droid factory

Droid Factory Frenzy minikits

  • 1) For the first Droid Factor Frenzy minikit, you need an Imperial character to activate the Imperial common console at the beginning of the level. Once this is done, fall down the chute to the conveyer belt, jump on top of the first pressing machine, and the minikit is right in front of you. 
  • 2) To find the second minikit, you need a character who can shoot through objects. Take yourself to the furnace at the beginning of the conveyer belt, and shoot off the gate at the top of the contraption. Then, climb the ladder to the top of the furnace, and collect the second minikit. 
  • 3) When you first drop down onto the production floor, where the droids are put together, keep an eye on the moving parts that bring in new droids. When you see the third minikit, pelt the machinery with bullets so the collectable drops down for you to grab. 
  • 4) A little further down the way you find a machine arm painting some of the Lego Star Wars cast. Watch the thing paint for a little while, until it draws a minikit, then blast the canvas for the pieces you need to build the fourth collectable. 
  • 5) For the final minikit, you need both a character with explosives and a character with a hook. First, find the orange and metal contraption on the droid production line, and blow it up. Then, run through to the new area, swap characters, and use your hook to pull out the fifth minikit. 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit hidden behind a gate in Petranaki Pani

Petranaki Panic minikits

  • 1) There are five mini-castles in the area of the arena, destroy them all for an easy first minikit.  
  • 2) One of the many alcoves surrounding the arena has a door that a scavenger can break down. Change into the applicable class, and pull out your blasting weapon to bust it open to grab the second minikit. 
  • 3) Head over to the other side of the arena and find the minikit captured behind the steel gate. Switch over to a character with explosive grenades and bring the door down for your third minikit. 
  • 4) Near the steel door there’s another metal object that you can destroy with an explosive grenade. Use the bricks left behind to build a turret, and shoot down the five floating targets for minikit number four. 
  • 5) For the last minikit, you need one of Lego Star Wars’ trusty androids to decode the gatekeeping machine that guards the collectable behind the biggest gate in the arena. Switch into R2D2, crack the code, and grab the fifth minikit. 

The first Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga minikit in the Jedi Battle mission

The Battle of the Jedi minkits

  • 1) In the first area, switch to a character with a net launcher and find the first point you can shoot at. Use the environment to climb up to the net, then do a bit of platforming to get to the highest point, where you find your first minikit. 
  • 2) In the second area, with the ravine below you, find a golden item protruding from the wall. Switch out to one of your characters with a powerful blaster, and destroy the gold casing for the minikit inside. 
  • 3) Inside the dark cave stairs, change into a scavenger character. If you look around, you find a door that can be smashed down using a powerful blaster, and behind this is minikit number three. 
  • 4) In the room with all the golden pipes, the fourth minikit is hidden behind a stack of furniture. Use the force to move the items, and grab the collectable. 
  • 5) In the same room as the fourth minkit, find an Imperial console and insert the pattern. Once done, you get some bricks to build into a turret, and four enemies will spawn. Take to the enemies with your lightsaber, and once they’re all knocked out, you have your final minikit.

All Episode III: Revenge of the Sith minikits 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit protected by droids

Out for the Count minikits 

  • 1) For your first minkit, find the room at the bottom of the map full of droids and mechanical arms. Cause some destruction to break down the droids into bricks, and rebuild the spare parts into a collectable. 
  • 2) Leave the room with the droids, and head immediately left down the corridor. Before you reach the laser gate, switch out to an android character to access the room on your left. When inside the space with four containers, switch to a Jedi character to use the force on the three levers, and get your second minikit. 
  • 3) Head back out into the corridor, and use the force to create a jumping platform to leap over the laser gate by moving one of the big boxes lying around. Once you jump the gate, take a sharp right and destroy the items in the corner of the room to uncover your third minikit. 
  • 4) After going through the second set of laser gates, take an immediate left for the room with more droids in. Dispatch the droids, and switch into a Jedi to cut a hole through the door on your right. Break into the control room, see to the droids again, then use an explosive character to break apart the steel case with some bricks inside to create a lever. Build and activate the lever, head over to the room on the opposite side of the corridor, and switch into an android character to release another lever and receive minikit number four. 
  • 5) In the room just before you reach the goal of finding Chancellor Palpatine, on the left of the corridor, you find General Grievous. Use the force to equip the General with four lightsabers, and a hidden compartment with the final minikit inside opens up. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit on a birdge away from the General

So Uncivilized minikits

  • 1) The first minikit is in the hangar area at the start of the level. Looking out at the battling droids, look again to the left of the air vent by the opening and find the part of the building you can use a scavenger character’s net on. Shoot your net, climb it, and switch out to an Imperial character before destroying the TIE fighter that spawns to access the command console, and build the bricks into minikit number one. 
  • 2) For the second minikit, head out into the area with the battling droids and make a sharp 180 to find the rebel command console. Use a rebel character to activate the contraption, and climb the structure using a Jedi before hopping onto the zip line at the top, and landing on a separate platform with a minikit in the middle. 
  • 3) To get the third minikit, go back to the rebel command console and look directly behind it for an anti-air turret. Use the big bad gun to shoot down five aircraft and the third minikit is yours. 
  • 4) Next, head back inside the hangar and run along the middle platform, before jumping down to the lower platform on your right. Here, you’ll see a door that a Jedi can easily cut through with their lightsaber, so whip it out and get to destroying for an easy fourth minikit.
  • 5) For the final minikit, go to the end of the long corridor on the left at the top of the map, and use a droid character to complete the puzzle. With that, you’ve got your fifth minikit. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit on the wookiees home

Droid Attack on the Wookiees minikits

  • 1) To get your first minikit, you need a character with a good blaster to shoot through a golden container. Take the energy capsule, and make your way back into the caves, and through the secret exit so you can get on top of the tree hut adjacent to the one where you found the energy capsule. Use a character with the force to transfer the energy capsule over, hook it up to the satellite, and a fighter plane will drop in a special delivery minikit. 
  • 2) After the short cutscene, during the stormtrooper assault, there are three steel beacons to destroy in the area to claim minikit number two. 
  • 3) In the same area as the second minikit, switch out to an Imperial character and find the weapons chest near the wall. Open it, take the rocket launcher, and bring down the tree immediately in front of you for the third minikit. 
  • 4) Using the pieces of the downed ship from the tree, you can build a floating platform to take you up to the fourth minikit. In the new area, get as close as you can to the right side wall and find a wall-running point for one of your Jedi. Leap across the ledge, jump up once more onto higher ground, and you’ll find minikit number four contained within a thicket for you to collect.
  • 5) The final minikit is hidden at the back of the map, behind the area with the final goal. Here, you need to leap as if to your doom, only to find minikit number five at the bottom of a set of climbing notches. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit during the sith battle

Senate Showdown minikits

  • 1) For the first minikit, find the desk with two chairs at the bottom of the room you start the level in. Smash the desk to bits, then use the bits to build collectable number one. 
  • 2) In the same room, you’ll find two levers high up on either side of Darth Sidious. Use both playable characters to pull the levers at the same time, and the second minikit spawns in the centre of the room. 
  • 3) Next up, in the main senate hall, you need to shoot down five of the floating droids for the third minikit. 
  • 4) One of the platforms in the senate hall has a ledge you can hang off to easily pick up the fourth minikit.
  • 5) For the final minikit, you need to get to the highest platform in the senate hall and switch out to a scavenger character. Use the glider to float over to the platform with the fifth minikit, and you’ve got all the full set for Senate Showdown. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit you find first in the High Ground

The High Ground minikits

  • 1) For minikit number one, head to the southernmost point of the map and you’ll see the collectable. Smash apart the equipment directly in front of you, build that into a bridge, and grab the first minikit. 
  • 2) In one of the large square rooms on the map, there’s a generator. Get behind it to find a golden container ready to blast apart. Once you smash the golden container, build the bits into your second minikit. 
  • 3) In the room with the running water and broken pipes, switch out to an Imperial character to use the Imperial command console at the top of the area. Head into the next room, and use some explosives to get through the steel casing on your right. Take the energy core from inside the contraption to the other end of the room, insert it, and as well as getting a tune out of the band on stage, you get your third minikit.
  • 4) Go back to the room with the running water, switch out to a scoundrel character, and blast all the purple pipes surrounding the table on the left. Use the bricks left behind to build a double switch, and simply activate it for the fourth minikit.
  • 5) You can only find the final minikit during the Anakin battle, so be sure not to make too quick work of him. Instead, use one of your characters to platform off the southernmost island, jump over a couple of steps, and add the fifth minikit to your collection.


All Episode IV: A New Hope minikits 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit after platforming section

Boarding Party minikits

  • 1) For the first minikit, you need to take down four Mynocks, or bats, scattered around the level. Check all the corridors before moving on, as you can easily miss them. 
  • 2) To get minikit number two, you need to find a locked door with a panel above that you can activate with the force. From here, grapple up to the room above, and use a Jedi character to platform to the end of the corridor, where you find the second collectable. 
  • 3) In the corner of the ship, you find a four-panel switch. Find two of the brown rideable droids from around the ship to activate half of the switch, then use the two playable characters to finish the puzzle and grab the third minikit. 
  • 4) On the right-hand side of the ship, you find a room housing a stormtrooper disco. Kill off the droids, then switch out to a Jedi character to use mind control, and get the stormtroopers dancing again for the fourth minikit. 
  • 5) Just before getting into the escape pod at the end of the level, there’s another room on the right with an automatic door. Go towards the room, and the sliding door reveals a minikit, all you need to do is smash through the junk to collect it. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit from machine in hunk of junk level

Hunk of Junk minkits 

  • 1) In the first area of the level, find a rebel command console towards the back of the map. Use the terminal to raise the door, then switch out to Han Solo to move the machine parts and uncover the first minikit. 
  • 2) For the second minikit, head over to the hangar directly adjacent to the first minikit, and use a scavenger character to put up some nets on the wall. From here, simply climb up and grab your second collectable. 
  • 3) Next up, head to the lift and find the northernmost room on the second level. Smash the contents to bricks, and use the bricks to build the third minikit. 
  • 4) After you install the satellite dish on the Millenium Falcon, run along to the other side of the bridge, and in the first room in front of you is the fourth minikit. 
  • 5) Finally, you need to find an Imperial command console near the top of the level. Activate this, and head into the room, smashing everything in your path. Then, head back out into the main arena, find the rideable droid, and take it to where its hologram stands. Install the droid, and the machine activates, handing you the fifth and final minikit. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit on the hidden balcony

Best Leia’d Plans minkits

  • 1) On one of the central floors, you find a room that needs a key card to enter. The key card is just a few steps away, near the edge of the platform, so grab it and enter the room. Once you’re inside, blast the stormtrooper on the couch, and grab the power unit that’s plugged into the TV. Take the unit a few rooms down, install it in a vacant power supply, and another door opens with a minikit inside. 
  • 2) After laying waste to Imperials in the Imperial command room, run out the back door and take an immediate left to find the second minikit. 
  • 3) On the top central floor, you find an edge that’s gated off with two black and white gates. Looking out over the drop, make some careful steps left, and drop down to the platform below for the third minikit. 
  • 4) For the fourth minikit, backtrack through the entire mission to find the three tiny patrolling droids in the circular areas on each floor. Destroy all three for the minikit. One of these is in a hidden area near the first goal that you need a character with a hook to access, so keep an eye out for it. 
  • 5) In the room with the model death star and the final droid, there’s some destructible furniture on your left-hand side. Smash it into bricks, and use the bricks for the final mininkit. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit hidden behind the door

This is Some Rescue minikits

  • 1) At the northernmost point in the first area, use a droid to access the password console, and unlock the door to the southernmost room containing the minikit.
  • 2) Next up, you need to make your way to the large room at the bottom of the map, and find the stack of blocks you can use the force on. Switch out into a Jedi, and manoeuvre the objects so they form a staircase up to the next level, where you find a door you can cut through with a minikit inside. 
  • 3) In the stormtrooper assembly room, there’s an Imperial command console on the back wall. Use an Imperial to crack the code, and pick up the third minikit. 
  • 4) On one of the bridges connecting sections of the level, there’s a platforming section on the right-hand side that you can easily complete to get up to the next floor. Once you make the leap, take the door to your immediate right for the fourth minikit. 
  • 5) Track back through the level to find the three tiny droids. Destroy them all, and you have your final minikit. 

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga minikit behind the glowing panel

Stay on Target minikits 

  • 1) Take out the turbolasers on the right at the start of the mission for a quick first minikit. 
  • 2) A little while later, keep an eye out for a transport ship with a minikit onboard making its way past you on the left. Shoot the droid down, and the second minikit is yours. 
  • 3) As you enter the first arena with the Millenium Falcon, take an immediate left and look for the shining compartment. Blow the area to pieces, and you have the third minikit. 
  • 4) In the same area as the third minikit, fly around the perimeter to take out four orange satellites, and grab the fourth minikit. 
  • 5) Finally, still in the same area, look for a single droid flying around with a minikit attached. Take the droid out of the sky, and grab the final minikit.

There you have it. Those are all the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga minikits you can find in TT Game’s sprawling sci-fi anthology. If you want to keep with the galactic theme after finishing the Skywalker Saga, hit hyperdrive and head over to our picks for the best space games to keep your thrusters well and truly engaged. 

Or, if you think of yourself as something of a wannabe Han Solo, why not bring the dream to life with a Lego Millenium Falcon (real-life Chewbacca not included).