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The Lego Piranha Plant is set to take a bite out of your savings

A Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant is on the way, and it’s one of the cutest, and most affordable sets yet. Learn where you can grab one now!

Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant: a women holds a Lego set based on a Piranha Plant

Get your coins ready, folks, as Nintendo and Lego have announced a Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant set, and it’s friggin adorable. The aggressive green plant is here in all its glory, and unlike some of the mammoth Lego sets we’ve seen so far, this latest one comes in well under the $100 mark. This is sure to be a great present for your pals this holiday.

The Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant set joins the ranks of the Super Mario Lego line on November 6, 2023. Plus, it retails for $59.99/£57.99, which is (thankfully for our wallets) well below the approximate $200 price of the recent Lego Bowser and the Lego Super Mario Question Block sets. Nintendo and Lego, we love you, but rent isn’t cheap. Please keep making sets below the price of a cross-country flight.

In case you’re worried about build time, the Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant comes in at a relatively breezy 540 pieces (compared to the Lego Bowser’s 2807 pieces), meaning this is set to be a lovely build you can likely complete in an afternoon. Lego also describes the Piranha Plant, saying you can create iconic poses by posing the mouth, head, stalk, and even leaves. So, you can place a Piranha Plant on your shelf however you like it.

When is the Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant release date?

The Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant set releases on November 6, 2023. Not long after the Super Mario Bros. Wonder release date, and it’s sure to look great next to the game on your shelf.

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Where can I buy the Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant set?

You can currently pre-order the adorable Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant set at the links below. Get your coins ready. You don’t want to miss this one.


  • Lego.com


  • Lego.com

We hope you manage to snag yourself a Lego Super Mario Piranha Plant set, folks! Don’t leaf anything to chance, put petal to the metal, and get stalk-ing those sites today. However, if you’re in the mood for even more block-building fun, be sure to check out our guide to the best Lego gaming sets next.