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Lineage 2M classes and professions

An overview of all the Lineage 2M classes and professions, as well as details on the Lineage 2M weapons

a Dark Elf standing atop a pile of skeletons

Lineage2M is a mobile version of PC MMORPG Lineage 2. In 2M, you can participate in intense PvP battles, team up with friends to take on epic bosses, fully customise your character, and choose from five different races with over 31 possible classes.

If you’re brand new to the world of Lineage, we’re here to give you a little assistance. Our Lineage 2M classes guide gives you a list of all the available races, and lets you know exactly what profession each of the weapons relates to. Currently, we only have information on three of the five possible professions for each weapon, however, we’ll update this guide with more details as soon as we have them.

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Now, let’s get into the Lineage 2M classes, professions, and races.

Lineage 2M races

You can choose from one of the five Lineage 2M races listed below:

  • Dark Elf
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Human
  • Orc

Humans and Elves can wield all types of weapons, whereas the other three races are limited to what they can use.

Lineage 2M Classes or professions

If you’re curious about what Lineage 2M class or profession matches up to each weapon, you’re in luck, as NCSoft published a table with the names of the first three available professions for each Lineage 2M race.

The Lineage 2M Dark Elf character creation screen

Dark Elf

Weapon First profession Second profession Third profession
Bow Dark Archer Phantom Ranger Ghost Sentinel
Dagger Assassin Abyss Walker Ghost Hunter
Dual Sword Dark Dancer Blade Dancer Spectral Dancer
Orb Shillien Oracle Shillien Elder Shillien Saint
Staff Dark Wizard Spellhowler Storm Screamer

The Lineage 2M Elf character creation screen


Weapon First profession Second profession Third profession
Bow Elven Scout Silver Ranger Moonlight Sentinel
Dagger Elven Assassin Plains Walker Wind Rider
Dual Sword Elven Sword Sword Singer Sword Muse
Orb Elven Oracle Elven Elder Eva’s Saint
Staff Elven Wizard Spellsinger Mystic Muse
Sword Elven Knight Temple Knight Eva’s Templar

The Lineage 2M Dwarf character creation screen


Weapon First profession Second profession Third profession
Dagger Dwarf Assassin Scavenger Bounty Hunter
Dual Sword Dwarf Warrior Slayer War Slayer
Orb Dwarf Mystic Battle Mag Eldrich Wizard
Sword Dwarf Knight Guardian Eternal Guardian

The Lineage 2M Human character creation screen


Weapon First profession Second profession Third profession
Bow Archer Hawkeye Sagittarius
Dagger Rogue Treasure Hunter Adventurer
Dual Sword Warrior Gladiator Duelist
Orb Cleric Prophet Hierophant
Staff Wizard Sorcerer Archmage
Sword Human Knight Paladin Phoenix Knight

The Lineage 2M Orc character creation screen


Weapon First profession Second Profession Third profession
Bow Orc Archer Orc Hunter Orc Sagittarius
Staff Orc Mystic Orc Shaman Warcryer
Sword Orc Fighter Orc Raider Destroyer

And that’s it for our list of all the Lineage 2M classes. To download the game, head on over to Google Play or the App Store now.