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All the unique Live A Live abilities

There are eight chapters in a Live A Live, and a few of them feature characters with unique gifts, check them out with our Live A Live abilities guide

Live A Live abilties - promo art for Masaru where he's posing surrounded by other characters from the Present Day Live A Live chapter

When it comes to RPGs, no one can deny the prowess of Square Enix, thanks to games such as the Final Fantasy series, but there’s a lesser-known title that’s finally getting the love it deserves in the form of a remake in an HD-2D fashion, and that’s Live A Live, a title in which you visit different locations and time periods with a range of characters.

However, there are more differences to the Live A Live chapters than just separate environments, narratives, locations, and characters, as some of the people you meet throughout these numerous journeys possess special gifts, and that’s where this Live A Live abilities guide comes in, as we explain who has a unique skill.

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Without further ado, here are all the unique Live A Live abilities.

Live A Live abilties - the Shifu and Hakkon in a bamboo jungle fighting an enemy on a grid with useable abilties at the top of the screen

What are Live A Live abilities?

Not every Live A Live character has a unique gift, such as The Sundown Kid and Shifu, but they’re still fantastic characters due to their exceptional skills in combat. Plus, those two chapters have a slightly deeper meaning that supernatural skills might take away from, so trust us when we say that not every character having a gift is a good thing.

However, for those that do have a Live A Live ability, it adds a unique mechanic to their respective chapters, which in turn shakes up the gameplay to keep it fresh throughout the game.

Who has Live A Live abilities?

The characters that have Live A Live abilities include:

  • Akira – has the ability to read minds, which offers some interesting insight into the world around him. Akira’s chapter is The Near Future.
  • Oboro – you play as this shinobi in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter, in which you can use his gift of invisibility to stop in your tracks and disappear, a handy skill if you’re a lover, not a fighter.
  • Masaru – in the Present Day chapter, you play as Masaru, a young wrestler that wants to become the best in the world and his ability to learn any manoeuvre his opponent uses might just help him to achieve his dream.
  • Pogo – the loveable caveman is the main character in the Prehistory chapter, and he can sniff out enemies and items that you otherwise could not see.

There you have it, the unique Live A Live abilities that can help you to make the most of certain chapters. If you’re still not sure about this game, just check out our Live A Live preview to find out why it’s worth your time.