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Mario Kart Tour set for deep waters in exploration tour

The Mario Kart Tour exploration tour is the latest event in Nintendo’s mobile racer, with a whole new underwater track to test out your drifting skills

Screenshot form the Mario Kart Tour exploration tour trailer with Peach and a Shy-Guy jumping in delight

The latest event for Nintendo’s mobile racer has been revealed, with the Mario Kart Tour exploration tour up next. As the title suggests, this one is all about exploring exotic locations, with the new underwater course Piranha Plant Cove serving as the star of the show.

With special exploration-ready shy guys available as the tour racers, you can check out Piranha Plant Cove’s submerged ruins in style with a nifty cap and pickaxe on hand. There’s also the new Mii racing suit, which this time around is a pretty standard brown outfit with the bob-omb cannon special skill.

There’s also a fresh kart for the Mario Kart Tour exploration tour event, with the blue crawly kart out on the tracks for the first time. You can customise your ride with either of the event gliders on offer, with options including the gold candlelight flight or wonderful diamond designs.

If you want to take part in the Mario Kart Tour exploration tour, the racing begins on February 7 and runs until February 21. That gives you just a couple of weeks to lap up all the rewards, so be sure not to miss out on a minute of racing through Piranha Plant Cove.

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