Get your shades out for the Mario Kart Tour Sunshine Tour

The Mario Kart Tour Sunshine Tour is next on the agenda for Nintendo’s mobile racer, with yellow Yoshi picking up some rays onboard the Daisy Cruiser.

Screenshot of key art from the Mario Kart Tour Sunshine Tour trailer with Toadette and Daisy on screen

It’s summertime in Nintendo’s kart racer, with the Mario Kart Tour Sunshine Tour getting ready to kick into gear. Running from July 26 to August 8, this tour celebrates some classic Mario Kart tracks while also introducing another color of Yoshi to the game. Fittingly for summer, it’s a lovely yellow Yoshi we’re getting this time around.

Super Circuit course Lakeside Park makes its Mario Kart Tour debut in the Sunshine Tour, joined by R/T variants of Double Dash classic Daisy Cruiser. Sydney Sprint also returns for this upcoming event, so make sure to pick a character that doesn’t burn easily. We’re thinking that Daisy needs factor 50 sun protection.

There’s no new character for this tour outside of the yellow Yoshi variant, but there is a new Mii Racing Suit as always. This time it’s the Toadette Mii Racing Suit, so you can match up with a Toad friend. The Toadette outfit comes complete with matching mushroom pigtails, while the suit’s skill offers triple mushroom boosts.

In terms of snazzy new karts to pick up during the Mario Kart Tour Sunshine Tour, there’s an option between two submarine cars, yellow and blue, plus the Yellow Turbo Yoshi and Gold Steel Driver karts. The nautical theme also branches out to this season’s gliders, with the Wavy Great Sail and Jellyfish Parachute both up for grabs.

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With that, you’re up to date on the upcoming Mario Kart Tour Sunshine Tour. For your own little karting plumber to pop on your desk, check out Mario figure and Mario Kart Hot Wheels guides.