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The Mario Kart Mii Tour is coming and Wii love to see it

Next up in Nintendo’s mobile racer is the Mario Kart Tour Mii Tour, with more of Bowser’s minions arriving in Mii suit form for a bit of dodging and drifting.

Screenshot of Miis jumping for joy in the Mario Kart Tour Wii Tour trailer

With Bowser’s time in the spotlight coming to an end, next up in Nintendo’s mobile kart racer is the Mario Kart Tour Mii Tour, bringing with it a classic course and plenty of excellent accessories. There’s no new character this time around, though, with an emphasis on new costumes for your marvellous Mii.

Back for the Mario Kart Tour Mii Tour is the iconic Mushroom Bridge from the Mario Kart: Double Dash for GameCube. This relatively simple loop is famous with fans of the series for its massive bridge, with Mario, DK, and the rest of the gang using the structure as a way to fly past opponents on the track. You can look forward to blasting over the bridge when the Mario Kart Tour Mii Tour kicks off on May 16 (or May 17 for those of us on the East Coast or in Europe).

While there’s no new racing character to collect, you can suit up in either the Lemmy Mii Racing Suit or the Morton Mii Racing Suit, further adding to last month’s arrival of costumes affiliated with Bowser’s many minions. And yes, Lemmy’s Mii Racing suit does include the mohawk, so you can watch it bop around in the air as you slam down on the accelerator.

While the latest Mario Kart Tour event might not be forthcoming with characters, there are plenty of new karts to pick up. Leading the lineup are four new variants of the Comet Tail, including a shiny golden one perfect for Golden Mario, plus a new version of the Mach 8 with a fiery paint job inspired by the Inferno Flyer. Better still, there are fresh gliders too, with one for each of the Comet Tail variants.

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