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The Mario movie gets a Uniqlo t-shirt line, and we love it

There’s a Mario movie Uniqlo t-shirt line launching in Japan, featuring designs that tie into the upcoming Illumination and Nintendo animated movie.

A woman with a brown bob in a Mario movie Uniqlo t-shirt. It's white with a screenshot small in the middle. She is tilting her head to her right and touching her hair with her right hand.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie merch train is hitting full steam before it comes to theatres, this time with the famous Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. There are five different designs, currently only announced for Japan, costing 1,500JPY (just under £10) for one of the five t-shirts.

You can check out all the Mario move Uniqlo t-shirts on the company’s website, which range from simple logos to stylish screenshots (as spotted by GoNintendo). This is just another on the long list of Mario movie tie-ins, after some Red Wing shoes and recently announced Lego sets.

We also got a load more Mario news thanks to Mario Day 2023. In our roundup, you can find all the news – from sales on digital games to fresh new merchandise. It really has been a month all about Mario, and it’s not long until we get to see the movie, too.

You can check out the final trailer below.

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