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Mario movie release ramps up with shoes, trailers, and Lego

The Mario movie marketing machine is in full swing, with Red Wing shoes, more footage, and Lego tie-ins, so we’ve rounded up all the latest you might’ve missed.

Mario movie screenshot showing various characters in karts riding on a rainbow in space. In the middle is Mario, a man in a red hat and shirt, white gloves and blue dungarees, with a big nose and bushy moustache, sat in a red gokart. Next to him is Peach, a woman in a pink spacesuit, and Donkey Kong, a monkey.

The Mario movie comes out on April 5 in the US, and with Mario day we saw a bunch of new marketing nonsense for the Illumination and Nintendo blockbuster. My favourite so far has to be the Red Wing collaboration, with Nintendo working with the legendary US shoe manufacturer to bring some big ol’ boots to a store near you.

Oh, wait, no, not a store near you. Maybe a store near you, as the boots are on show only at the NYC flagship Nintendo store. They’re a pretty exquisite recreation of the animated boots in the Mario movie, so either hop on a plane or get on the subway if you want to take a look.

Beyond some shoes that no one will ever own, there’s a load of footage already out for the film. I don’t personally know why you’d watch all the trailers unless you’re below the age of six – the film is out in like a handful of weeks – but if you want to here are all six of them.

So, boots video down below (it’s three minutes and ten seconds!), Mario movie trailers up above. What’s left? Well, Mario Lego, of course. We’ve got blocky Donkey Kong coming, as revealed in Lego’s Mario day YouTube stream. If you love it, good for you, but I kinda hate the way these folks look.

YouTube Thumbnail

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