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We’re Loki excited for NetEase’s PVP shooter Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals smashes onto PC this year from acclaimed studio NetEase, with an exclusive story spanning the Marvel Multiverse.

Marvel Rivals artwork showing a female hero swinging a big sword

NetEase, the team behind Marvel Super War, Naraka Bladepoint, and so many other excellent mobile games, is teaming up with Marvel Games to bring Marvel Rivals to PC this year. Though there’s currently no word on a mobile release, we hope that will change down the line, given the company is known for putting its gamers on both PC and mobile.

Marvel Rivals is a super shooter with team-based PVP gameplay, featuring a hefty roster of our Marvel favorites like Black Panther, Magneto, Magik, and Spider-Man. Yes, you can play as heroes and villains – a win-win for any Marvel game, if you ask me.

The game is free to play and features seasonal updates introducing new characters into the game from across the Marvel Multiverse, along with maps and challenges. This means you can constantly upgrade your team to add new strategies, like Groot and Rocket working together or Hulk powering up Iron Man’s suit on the field.

There’s an alpha test coming in May, and we’re excited to jump in and experience the new story, written just for Marvel Rivals. It takes place in 2099 when Doctor Doom’s future counterpart tries to take over the world once more. Many universes collide in the Timestream Entanglement, creating new worlds riddled with emergencies that we must help with.

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Thankfully, you can call on heroes from X-Men to Avengers and more, visiting worlds like Asgard, and fight back against the evil-doers on the game’s immersive maps with terrain you can shape and weapons you can craft as you go.

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