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Marvel Snap promises new cards as part of the Winterverse event

Tis the season to add Sentry and Darkwing to your collection, with Marvel Snap’s new cards providing another boost a holiday season of gaming

Screenshot of heroes from the Winterverse for Marvel Snap new cards

This holiday season, Ben Brode’s got a big old sack of goodies, and he’s ready to dish out some Marvel Snap new cards as part of the ongoing Winterverse event. Of course, there’s also precious resources up for grabs as part of Second Dinner’s seasonal treat, with credits, gold, and even a special signed version of Nick Fury up for grabs. All you need to do is get playing.

Ok, so I know what you’re here for. The two new cards arriving in Marvel Snap this week are – drum roll please – Sentry and Darkhawk. Each is quite niche in its effect, with the four-cost eight-power Sentry unable to play at the right position and creating a -8 Power Void at the right location, while Darkhawk provides a +2 boost to itself for each of the cards in your opponent’s deck.

Still, thanks to some theory crafting from the Marvel Snap community, we already know that both these cards have some serious potential with synergy between them and pre-existing heroes. One of the most popular meta moves as the minute revolves around Zero, a card that removes all other card effects in your deck, turning Sentry into a powerful beat stick with no drawback. In terms of Darkhawk, it’s a great pick for an enemy control set, teaming up with cards like Korg and Rock Slide to fill your opponent’s deck with plus two boosts for you and lame old rocks for them.

Running from now until January 2, the Winterverse event is what the Marvel Snap new cards are in aid of, but they’re not the only draw. For logging on every day until the event ends, you can pick up up to 1,000 credits, 500 gold, and a few boosters along the way. Those boosters might come in handy too, with winter-themed variants available for Rogue, Patriot, Ebony Maw, and Rock Slide.

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There you have it, all you need to know about Marvel Snap’s new cards arriving in the game. For more tips and tricks related to the superpowered card game, check out our Marvel Snap decks guide and Marvel Snap tier list.