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New Marvel Snap Pro Bundle pricing is fuelling a CCG civil war

There’s a third installment of the Marvel Snap Pro Bundle, but some fans think it’s unreasonably expensive for what’s up for grabs.

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There’s a new Marvel Snap Pro Bundle in the in-game store, but its pricing is causing quite a controversy in the CCG community. I say controversy, but it’s more like outrage, with countless Reddit posts comparing the price point with what else you could get for the same amount of money and generally complaining about the expensive nature of the game’s microtransactions.

For those who don’t know, the latest Marvel Snap Pro Bundle, the Pro Bundle Mk. III, includes 9,000 credits, 6,000 collector’s tokens, a new title, and 155 boosters for five different cards, all for $99.99. In terms of what that can you do for your Marvel Snap decks, it does mean you can get at least one new card from the collector’s shop and possibly a second from spotlight caches unless you already have all the spotlight cards, but that isn’t enough for the high price point according to many members of the Snap community.

At the time of writing, a Reddit post comparing the price of the latest Pro Bundle to a weekly grocery budget is in the top five most upvoted on the sub less than 24 hours after posting. There are multiple comments on the post from disappointed players, with many suggesting that this further bolsters the argument that Marvel Snap is something of a pay-to-win experience. Still, the comment we think sums it up best is simply “Second Dinner for them, no dinner at all for us” from user sopadegooma.

To be clear, Marvel Snap isn’t the only mobile game with expensive offerings, and it’s something we’ve seen in everything from gacha titles like Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact to more casual experiences like Monopoly Go.

It’s also fair to say that some are defending the pricing in the comments on the Reddit post complaining about the latest Pro Bundle, though those picking fault with Second Dinner seem to outweigh those supporting them by a fair margin. Either way, large parts of the community had the same issue with the previous Pro Bundles, so we don’t see much chance of the developer changing the pricing structure following this pile-on.

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With that, you’re up to date on the community backlash directed at the latest Marvel Snap Pro Bundle. If you do decide to pick up the offer, check out our picks for the best Marvel Snap cards to keep your eye out for. Or, if you’d prefer to see what else you could get with your money, see our list of the best budget gaming phones.