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Marvel Snap review - I need a hero

In our Marvel Snap review, we take a look at the new collectable card game and what makes it a must-play for Marvel and CCG fans alike

Marvel Snap review - America Chavez, Venom, and Wolverine

Our Verdict

Marvel Snap is a solid CCG that features great gameplay with satisfying deck building, and a heap of heroes and villains that can make a real difference on the battlefield

If there’s one thing mobile devices aren’t short on, it’s Marvel games, and they cover a range of genres. For instance, you can kick some serious butt in the fighting title Marvel Contest of Champions or go on a grand adventure to save the multiverse in the open-world RPG Marvel Future Revolution. Well, now it’s time to add the CCG genre to the ever-growing list of hero titles, thanks to Marvel Snap.

Since its initial announcement earlier this year, the game has been a constant source of intrigue for me. Admittedly, collectable card games aren’t my favourite, but I do enjoy the genre, especially when it collides with one of my favourite franchises. Yes, I’m a Marvel nerd, one that thinks Thanos has a seriously good point. He’s just a bit misguided and perhaps a little extreme, but that’s neither here nor there right now.

Straight off the bat, I can say with confidence that I love the premise behind Marvel Snap because while the idea of saving the multiverse is nothing new, all heroes, myself included, thrive in the face of such overwhelming odds. Plus, Marvel Snap allows me to go to battle with so many of my favourite characters. How could I possibly not enjoy that?

Naturally, you can expect to come across cards for iconic heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Star-Lord, Spider-Man, and more. Better still, you can upgrade each card to not only improve its potency but give a fresh look that shows off the character’s badassery. However, that’s not the best part.

Marvel Snap review - Venom, America Chavez, and Iron Man

Some cards, but not all, possess unique skills that can change the flow of battle, though to thoroughly explain the benefits of various abilities, it’s best that I provide details on how matches in Marvel Snap play out.

When you enter the battlefield, there are three different zones in which you can place your cards as you pull them from your deck. In order to win come the end of the match, you need to control two out of three territories. To have the advantage, the amount of points attached to your cards needs to exceed that of your opponent. Overall, there are six rounds, each of which allows you to draw and place different cards.

No matter what, each character has a score attached to their card, so if you place Star-Lord and his point count is two, that number is added to your current score for that territory. However, some cards, as previously mentioned, feature unique abilities. If I use Star-Lord as yet another example, on top of his two points, he could have a skill that doubles the points of his allies that are in the same territory as him.

It’s a great mechanic that adds some extra depth to the matches, as you need to not only consider the points system but the abilities that can alter the outcome too. It encourages strategic thinking without hurting my brain, and you know what, I appreciate that, especially as I’m a shoot-first and don’t bother asking questions later kind of gal.

Key art of America Chavez and Venom for Marvel Snap review

When it comes to unlocking new cards, it’s not too taxing, and you frequently receive new ones for simply playing the game, something that’s a nice surprise to me, as in my experience CCGs tend to be a pain in terms of getting some half-decent cards. Luckily, Marvel Snap breaks the mould in this respect.

Furthermore, it features an expansive tutorial which is non-negotiable, and as much as I prefer to simply dive right in, I have to admit that this is a good move, as I actually know what’s going on. Instead of my ADHD brain insisting we have no time to learn, we must charge forward this instant even if it results in my obliteration.

All in all, I’d say that Marvel Snap is a solid CCG that’s sure to please fans of the genre with its satisfying gameplay while also appealing to superhero fans as it offers you the chance to save the world again.

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