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Second Dinner serves up future plans in Marvel Snap 2023 roadmap

Marvel Snap has been growing since its global launch in October 2022, but Second Dinner doesn't plan on slowing down, as the Marvel Snap 2023 roadmap shows.

Marvel Snap 2023 roadmap: A close-up illustration of Deadpool giving a thumbs up on a mechanical looking background. You can see his pursed lips through his mask.

Second Dinner has released its Marvel Snap 2023 roadmap, detailing a huge range of features planned for the CCG, from the things that are releasing soon to those that are just in the concept phase. Highlights include the addition of a new competitive gamemode, improvements to card acquisition, and a revamp of the token shop.

The new competitive mode is called Conquest and takes the format of the existing friendly Battle mode and raises the stakes. You climb your way up the ranks by defeating three consecutive opponents in your league to unlock the next step up. This mode is also getting its own shop with exclusive rewards that can only be purchased using medals, a new currency you can earn in Conquest mode.

The token shop is undergoing some changes to make it easier to target specific cards and variants that you want to spend your hard earned tokens on. The Weekly Spotlight feature lets you grab the newest series five card in its first week in the game without having to rely on the collector level unlock RNG. Series four and five cards are also getting their own sections, as well as ultimate variants.

Some important changes are coming to Ranked mode that aim to make the whole experience fairer for players who are trying to reach Infinite. Once you reach that rank, your MMR will be saved and you won’t be able to below that value for the rest of the season. For those players who are nearly at the top, the journey will be slightly easier now as the algorithm will only match Infinite rank players against others in that bracket.

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The long-awaited widescreen PC UI is now classed as ‘in development’, as well as smart decks, a personalised shop experience, and global matchmaking. Second Dinner has consistently shown fans that it is dreaming big when it comes to the growth of Marvel Snap, and the ideas classed as ‘in concept’ really drive this point home. In the future we can expect guilds, collectible emotes, and mythic card variants.

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