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Marvel Snap variant prices are dividing the community

With Marvel Snap variant prices still dividing the fledgling community, there’s a Reddit debate taking place as to the pricing of alternate art cards

Key art of Marvel Snap variant card of Storm for Marvel Snap variant pricing news

Despite stellar sales the past couple of months and taking home an award at this year’s TGAs, Marvel Snap variant prices are dividing the community as to the developers’ approach to microtransactions. While for the most part players seem to be happier with the in-game purchase mechanics than they are with a title like Diablo Immortal or Pokémon Go, there’s still a sticking point around the subject or variants, or for those who don’t know, alternate art cards.

Currently, you can pick up Marvel Snap variants for either 700 or 1200 gold in the shop, the equivalent of $10 or $15 for the latter. Of course, there are other ways to pick up variants, with specific ones available via the season pass every month and the chance of obtaining one through the collector’s cache, but for some, that seemingly isn’t enough.

There’s a particular Reddit post that highlights the divide, with the original poster complaining about the pricing of Marvel Snap variants under the post title “the prices of variants are ridiculous”. While plenty agree with the OP, it’s clear that Marvel Snap has plenty of fans willing to fight its battles, with comments like “they are cosmetics, can’t afford, don’t buy them – simple as that” and “good thing they’re purely cosmetic, and have no bearing on gameplay whatsoever”. Don’t mince your words, Reddit poster.

There’s a point to be made for both sides, as while it’s annoying that the price of the cosmetics seems so high, it’s on a par with titles like Fortnite and Pokémon Unite, and it’s an aesthetic choice at the end of the day, with the developer doing it all it can to help players push towards new cards, rather than alternate variants. Still, much has already changed in terms of mechanics since the Marvel Snap launch, so it’s entirely possible it might change again. Either way, we’re sure someone will make a Reddit post complaining about it. You can always trust the internet for that.

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