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Sinister Six members Sandman and Shocker set for MCoC

Sinister Six icons Sandman and Shocker are coming to take down Spider-Man in Marvel: Contest of Champions, with the villainous contingent now complete.

Screenshot of Shocker for news on MCoC (Marvel Contest of Champions) adding Sandman and Shocker

Spider-Man better have his spidey senses in full swing, as Sandman and Shocker are set to cause a stir in the world of MCoC. As two long-time members of the Sinister Six, a supervillain group determined to take down the legendary web-slinger, the threat level is only going to increase in Marvel: Contest of Champions as these two iconic foes face off against our friendly neighbourhood hero.

Joining other members of Spider-Man’s wide rogues’ gallery, such as Venom, Doc Oc, and Electro, Sandman and Shocker’s MCoC debut expands the game’s massive roster to over 240 characters. Both are ready for battle too, with Sandman immune to bleed, shock, and poison effects, making him something of an unstoppable force against technical targets, while Shocker can penetrate any armour to deal damage equal to his critical rating. Either way, Spidey’s toast.

Both characters are set to land in MCoC this month, with Shocker zapping in on April 13 while Sandman unearths himself a fortnight later on April 27. The latest MCoC update introducing these two villains also includes new quests, some buffs and nerfs, and a new look for Classic Spider-Man. What better way to tackle a pair of old foes than in Spidey’s best attire?

If you want a sneak peek of the upcoming arrival of Sandman and Shocker in MCoC, check out the trailer below. The clip introduces some of the ideas behind the fighting styles of both new champions, so if you’re planning on picking up the Sinister Six alumni, check it out for some battle tips for the devious duo.

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