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The Merge Mansion grandma celebrates Grandma Day for some reason

The Merge Mansion grandma is some sort of strange cultural icon for TikTok folks around the world, and she’s celebrating National Gorgeous Grandma Day soon.

The Merge Mansion grandma lying in a pink flamingo pool ring in a pool. She has sunglasses on, a thing around her head, and a yellow swimsuit. She is holding a cocktail.

In case you didn’t know, and you really should know already, National Gorgeous Grandma Day is set for July 23, and one of the games industry’s most famous nanas is celebrating it. That’s right, the Merge Mansion grandma is taking a break from her cleaning game duties and enjoying a day built for her.

Made famous by a litany of weird mobile game ads, the Merge Mansion grandma is known for baking pies and riding a motorcycle, just like most grandmas. Still, as these many strange adverts show, there’s a little more behind all her cutesy Hells Angels antics.

And all that has caused quite a stir online, too, with 32.6M Merge Mansion hashtags on TikTok, 17.6K Merge Mansion members on Reddit, 9.6K followers on Grandma Ursula’s Twitter. Those sure are some big numbers!

So, to celebrate, Merge Mansion is, well, celebrating. We’re not really sure how, though, other than being reminded that Grandma Ursula exists – maybe there’ll be an in-game event? If so, we sure don’t know about it.

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Anyway, if you don’t want to celebrate the Merge Mansion grandma, we don’t blame you. Why not check out our guides to the best mobile games and battle royale games for something a little bit more exciting?