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The Metroid Prime Remaster is real, and it’s out now

Grab your visor, it’s morph ballin’ time. Return to a classic, as the Metroid Prime Remaster release date isn't only real, but it’s much closer than we thought

Metroid Prime Remastered release date: a screenshot from Metroid Prime Remastered show Samus Aran appearing from her gunship on Tallon IV

After years of rumours around a supposed Metroid Prime Trilogy and recent rumours of a lone Metroid Prime remaster, Nintendo has just… announced the latter. The Metroid Prime Remaster release date is here, and the digital version is now available for Nintendo Switch, with a physical version set to release in March.

Metroid Prime Remaster features gorgeous updated HD visuals as well as changes to the control scheme to accommodate the Switch’s dual analogue sticks, there’s even an option that closely emulates the control of the GameCube original for a more classic feel. Players new and old can explore Tallon IV and join Samus on her mission to rid the planet of the Space Pirates, as well as discover the secrets to the Metroid menace.

The original Metroid Prime blessed GameCube in 2001, marking the first 3D outing for our favourite bounty hunter Samus Aran. It currently has two sequels, and original developer Retro Studios is hard at work on Metroid Prime 4, after the title’s original announcement in 2017, and public restart in 2019. With any luck, the release of the Metroid Prime Remaster is a signal that the long-awaited fourth entry could soon appear once again.

Get a glimpse at the Metroid Prime Remaster with the trailer below, and see why fans still speak fondly of this space-fairing adventure so many years later.

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