Minecraft Legends leg-ending development after a final update

Minecraft Legends, the blocky strategy title, ends development before its first anniversary with one last content addition.

Minecraft Legends ending: a character riding horseback holding a flag

Sorry to bring bad news, but Blackbird Interactive is discontinuing development on Minecraft Legends, meaning no more content after the latest update. In a blog post on Minecraft.net, Mojang announced that development is ending on Minecraft Legends – not even a year after it released in April 2023.

The developer behind Legends, since release, has taken community feedback into account and added tweaks to the game accordingly – the view is that all the changes and updates are now complete, so nothing new will come to the game including marketplace DLC or Lost Legends. While we won’t be getting another Minecraft update for the game, you can still play it as you already have done.

All previous Lost Legends challenges remain in the game, accessible for free, and you can get all the rewards that come with completing them. Blackbird Interactive and Mojang promise to continue technical support and that nothing is getting removed from the game, just that nothing new is coming in the future.

PvP and co-op aspects are also safe, remaining functional in the game. There’s one last surprise, though – you get a Bright-Eyed Hero skin that you can claim in the marketplace.

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There’s one final Lost Legend available – the Snow vs Snouts Legend, where extra-powerful redstone is key to success. This Legend adds a new style of combat, allowing you to hit targets at range, with some souped-up weaponry.

If you’re sad about Legends not receiving any more updates, you can amuse yourself with some exquisite Minecraft Lego, or by making a Minecraft end portal to visit the Minecraft Ender Dragon.