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When is the next Minecraft update?

Everything you need to know about the latest Minecraft updates for content additions, new biomes, and performance fixes across all platforms.

Two characters in the latest Minecraft update riding a camel

There really is no better time to play Minecraft on mobile and join millions of others in exploring a fantasy world, and building… well, whatever you want! In this Minecraft update guide, we give you the lowdown on each Minecraft update coming to the game, along with details of what they change, and how to get involved for yourself if you like what you see.

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Time to grab your pickaxe and dig into the latest Minecraft update.

When is the next Minecraft update?

Update 1.20, Trails and Tails, is available on all platforms now, and oh boy is it a big one! Update 1.21 is coming around June 2024. We’ll keep you posted with any changes.

Before that, though, we’ve got some smaller updates in the game. We now have different variants of wolves in the game! Or, you know, friendly dogs. They also come with armor to keep them safe as they follow us into peril.

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The latest Minecraft patch notes

Here are the latest patch notes fixing things recently added to the game, including the aforementioned wolves.

Bug fixes:


Eight new wolf variations have come to Minecraft! Read about each one in this paw-some article. The variant is determined by the biome they spawn in:

  • Pale Wolf
    • The familiar Wolf variant that now spawns in the Taiga biome, with a default pack size of 4
  • Woods Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in the Forest biome. This will be the dominant Wolf variant that you will be able to find in the Overworld, since the Forest biome is very common
  • Ashen Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in the Snowy Taiga biome
  • Black Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in the Old Growth Pine Taiga biome, in smaller packs of 2 to 4
  • Chestnut Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in the Old Growth Spruce Taiga biome, in smaller packs of 2 to 4
  • Rusty Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in a new location for wolves – the Sparse Jungle biome, in smaller packs of 2 to 4
  • Spotted Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in a new location for wolves – the Savanna Plateau biome, in larger packs of 4 to 8
  • Striped Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in a new location for wolves, the Wooded Badlands biome, in larger packs of 4 to 8
  • Snowy Wolf
    • A variant that spawns in the Grove biome. A rare type, that always walks alone


  • Buckets can once again pick up liquids immediately after being placed (MCPE-176634)
  • Fixed a bug where guest players could not add trims to custom armor (MCPE-170317)


  • Updated the missing tile texture to a dirt block with brown question mark
  • The Lead item now renders correctly when the “Hide Hand” option is selected


  • Wolves now correctly leap at their targets (MCPE-19740)
  • Rabbits are now more likely to spawn in Groves than before
  • Foxes are now less likely to spawn in Groves than before


  • Fixed an issue in the Stories opt in flow where a player could be soft locked
  • Applied consistent grayed out behavior across all Stories screens for avatars of players opted out of Realms Stories
  • Players are now redirected to the first Story page upon posting a new Story
  • Selected screenshot will now be saved with story draft if you back out of the ‘Add Story’ page before posting
  • Like/comment/option buttons widened to accommodate languages with longer words
  • Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to see what they were typing if they typed more text than would fit in the textbox

User interface

  • Fixed a bug that prevented recipes without unlock criteria from showing up in the recipe book
  • On touch devices, item transfer animation is now rendered above static items
  • Resolves issue where “Signing in…” text might not show on the main menu while sign in is actually in progress

Experimental features:

Wind Charge

  • Wind Charge damage has been reduced to 0.5 hearts per hit
  • Dispensed Wind Charges now spawn centered
  • Wind Charge knockback and power are now in parity with Java Edition (MCPE-178892)
  • Player-shot Wind Charges now deal the same damage as the Breeze  Wind Charge (MCPE-178903)
  • Wind Charges no longer briefly blocks a player’s vision when thrown (MCPE-178890, MCPE-178896)
  • Wind Charges now deal extra knockback to players who are crouching when thrown (MCPE-178897)
  • Wind Charges are now centered horizontally to the crosshair when thrown vertically (MCPE-178886)


  • The Bogged texture and model have been updated
  • The Bogged now drops two Mushrooms (either both Red/Brown or one of each) when sheared

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