Minecraft update: Jurassic World awaits

Everything you need to know about the latest Minecraft update

Minecraft is an ever-changing world, more living than not, with players constantly re-inventing and building to their heart’s desire. As such, the game also has to change to accommodate this. Every Minecraft update is a vital part of what keeps the game fresh and fun to play, making changes to crafting, creature mobs, building, and just general quality of life.

Minecraft now has full cross platform play, meaning that there are fewer barriers than ever to playing on mobile devices. The recent Nether update has also made some massive changes to the game, including new blocks, biomes, ores, mobs, and a tonne of other great inclusions.

There really is no better time to play Minecraft on mobile, and join millions of others in exploring a fantastic world, and building… well, whatever you want! In this new guide we’re going to give you the lowdown on each Minecraft update coming to the game, along with details of what they change, and how to get involved for yourself if you like what you see.


minecraft update: welcome to jurassic world

Mojang has released the newest Minecraft DLC: Jurassic World. The new expansion pack takes you to the dinosaur park made famous by the movie franchise, with over 60 dinosaurs to see, and 21 skins to use.

The park itself has been recreated in exact detail, whether it’s the museum, the open plains of dinosaurs grazing, or even the Mosasaur and its giant underwater pen. Find out more about the expansion in the trailer below:


Update 1.16.20 builds on the content introduced by the Nether overhaul, bringing a new mob, and plenty of fixes. 


Here are the most important mob changes in update 1.16.20:

  • Piglin Brutes are stronger Piglins who guard treasure in Bastion Remains. They don’t barter, and they attack on sight
  • Zombies now spawn underground
  • Piglins potentially with enchanted weapons
  • Baby Piglins no longer consume gold ingots
  • Husks prefer iron armour over chain armour
  • Piglins spawn on peaceful difficulty
  • Hoglins no longer attack on peaceful when too close
  • Piglins no longer pick up entire stacks of gold

MINECRAFT UPDATE 1.16.20: Blocks

Here are the block changes in update 1.16.20:

  • Walls now connect to open trapdoors
  • Walls now connect to glass blocks
  • Pressure plates have been fixed to have no collision again
  • Melon and pumpkin stems now break again when the block below them is destroyed
  • Slime blocks pushed by pistons launch players correctly again 
  • Soul Campfires now emit the correct light level 
  • Hyphae blocks now take as long as stem blocks to destroy 
  • Quartz Block are no longer remade from Chiseled Quartz Block and Pillar Quartz Block in a Furnace
  • Fixed recipes when crafting a Barrel from Warped or Crimson Slabs
  • Target Block’s zones for particular redstone signal strength are no longer misplaced because of old Arrow geometry
  • Setting Soul Sand on fire no longer produces a placeholder Soul Fire block on pre-Nether version locked content


Minecraft has received one of the biggest updates in quite a long time. Minecraft update 1.16 has brings a massive number of changes to ‘The Nether’, a dangerous sub-region of Minecraft filled with monsters and a whole lot of fire. Here are the main changes:

  • An overhaul to the Nether, with four new biomes – Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forests, Soul Sand Valleys, and Warped Forests
  • Four new mobs – Piglin, Zoglin, Hoglin, and Strider
  • Tonnes of new blocks, including variants of Blackstone
  • A new respawn anchor to choose where you revive in the Nether
  • New Netherite tier of equipment, found as a rare item in the Nether


Four new mobs were added in the 1.16 update. Here’s what they are:

  • Hoglins: a hostile mob with an adult and baby version – drops raw porkchop and leather
  • Zoglins: a zombified Hoglin – drops rotten flesh
  • Piglins: a mob where adults are hostile and babies are passive – you can also wear golden armour to make them friendly, and trade with them using gold
  • Striders: a passive mob that drops strings


Here are the new items that arrived with update 1.16:

  • Music Discs: can be used to play new ‘Pigstep’ song
  • Netherite Armour: a new armour that’s tougher than diamond and does not burn in lava
  • Lodestone Compass: a compass that can be linked to a specific Lodestone
  • Netherite sword, axe, shovel etc: new tools with a high durability that also don’t burn in lava
  • Netherite Ingot: created with Gold Ingots and Netherite Scraps, and used to craft Netherite equipment
  • Netherite Scrap: created by smelting Ancient Debris and used to created Netherite Ingots
  • Snout Banner Pattern: a new pattern for banners called ‘Snout’
  • Spawn Eggs: spawn eggs for all the new mobs
  • Warped fungus on stick: crafted with fishing rod and warped fungus and used to control Striders


Here are the four new biomes that update 1.16 brings:

  • Basalt Deltas: volcanic areas that contain Ghasts, Magma Cubes, and Striders
  • Crimson Forests: red woodland areas that contain Hoglins, Piglins, and Zombified Piglins
  • Soul Sand Valleys: huge caves that contain Skeletons, Ghasts, and Endermen
  • Warped Forests: a blue variant of the Crimson Forests with Endermen and Striders

There are tonnes of other new things on top of these which you can view in depth on the Minecraft wiki. If you want to play Minecraft on mobile, you can also download it on Google Play and the App Store.

We also have a guide for how to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition on PC, and a guide for Minecraft Earth updates, just in case you fancy playing one of the best location based games on mobile.

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