The Mobies awards ceremony will celebrate the best of mobile gaming

From the creators of the Esports Awards and a mobile games expert comes the Mobile Awards and their ceremony The Mobies, coming in 2023

Mobies mobile game awards: Picture of Lifeline from Apex Legends Mobile with a blue outline on a blurry picture of an Apex map

Yesterday, The Mobile Awards, the world’s first mobile-related awards organisation, announced the launch of its mobile-centric awards ceremony, The Mobies. The inaugural ceremony is taking place in summer 2023 and will celebrate the best of the best in the mobile gaming industry.

The Mobile Awards is from the team behind the Esports Awards, and mobile esports veteran Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge with the aim to recognise excellence in this rapidly growing industry.

Following this announcement, the Mobies are asking mobile game fans to vote on their website for which award categories should be represented at the inaugural ceremony this coming summer. This first ceremony will focus on esports and gaming, but there are plans to expand this to recognise players, teams, hardware providers, and more in the future.

A ROG Phone 6 user playing Bad North in a nice office

“The Mobies will serve as a ground zero for lifting up talented individuals, organisations, and initiatives in the mobile industry”, commented Matt Rutledge. “Watch this space for more exciting announcements in the coming months.”

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