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All Monster Hunter Now monsters

Our guide to all MH Now monsters details every beast in this AR game, including all timed-exclusives and any upcoming monsters soon to join.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a monster seen through a mobile phone

With our Monster Hunter Now monsters guide, you can prepare to meet a whole host of brilliant beasts. Have you been ruminating that your recent trips to work need more excitement? How about if a Kulu-Ya-Ku added some color to your day, by attempting to steal the ticket machine at your local bus station? Would you be happier if you spotted an inflated Paolumu attempting to steal eggs from a tree in your local park (again)? How about if that same Barroth somehow laid claim to the local construction site for the third time this month?

Knowing is definitely half the battle here. So after you’ve familiarized yourself with all the MH Now monsters, be sure to join other seasoned veterans and sharpen your knowledge with our other MH content, such as our Monster Hunter Now codes and Monster Hunter Now weapon types guides. Don’t forget to check out our recent MH Now interview too, so that you can get a first-hand idea of what kind of freaky new creatures may invade your neighborhood.

Now, be sure to scarf down that pre-hunt meal, as we dive into our Monster Hunter Now monster list:

How Many Monsters are there in Monster Hunter Now?

There are currently a total of 12 monsters in Monster Hunter Now, all of which you can get aquainted with below. In addition to these, two timed-exclusive monsters have also appeared in the game. They are:

  • Black Diablos – debuted during September 2023’s Diablos Invasion event
  • Pink Rathian – debuted during the Rathian & Pink Rathian Week event from October 9 – 15

Neither the Black Diablos or the Pink Rathian are available any more, but we’re sure they’ll come back during future events.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - an Anjanath against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Anjanath

The Anjanath is a relentless brute wyvern that saw its debut in Monster Hunter: World and is known for ruining a majority of lesser-ranked missions. This aggressive beast cares not for what you are doing or why – if you get in its way, you’re in for a world of fiery, percussive pain.

Sporting flesh-colored scales and a lavish black ruff shawl along the back of its neck, this imposing creature is able to enhance its stature further by extending a set of wing-like membranes from its waist and inflaming a prominent nasal crest when agitated. Utilizing these membranes as a form of intimidation to bolster its size and as a nifty form of temperature control, the Anjanath uses an organ in its throat to generate violent exothermic reactions, expelling flames from its mouth at unfortunate victims.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Barroth against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Barroth

The Barroth first appeared in the third generation of Monster Hunter games and poses a potentially frustrating encounter. Immediately recognizable with its rigid plate armor, this creature is a savant of defensive capabilities and offensive tendencies thanks to the hulking crown that it uses to smash enemies with. During its downtime, you can find this brute wyvern resting in pools of mud in an effort to remain cool while concealing itself from its next insect victim.

Pity those that disturb any mire or swamp that a Barroth is resting in, however, as it won’t hesitate to charge at any intruders. It takes any opportunity that muddy terrain offers to encumber unwanted guests, while it bashes and bludgeons its enemies into submission.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Diablos against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Diablos

Diablos is a fierce, unrelenting herbivore that more than lives up to its name. It’s a formidable monster, instantly recognizable with its bull-like horns and intimidating, piercing red eyes, capable of overpowering even the most seasoned of hunters, and is surely a terrifying sight to behold at your local beach or desert, if indeed you have one.

Despite being classified as a flying wyvern, this bipedal beast prefers to remain underground, utilizing its keen sense of hearing to detect any invaders of its territory from below, so it can deal a devastating horn strike without initially being spotted. If spotted however, this wyvern won’t hesitate to utilize its brute strength and armor-plated hide to get close and personal with attackers, overwhelming its targets with an ear-piercing roar to stun attackers before finishing any fight with a swift strike of its club-like tail.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Great Girros against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Great Girros

This stylish monster is the leader of a venomous pack. The Great Girros is a slick and agile carnivorous beast that takes cues from a monitor lizard, it can quickly render any prey immobilized with the paralytic toxins secreting from its prominent fangs.

A word to the wise, although this beast is typically not the apex hunter in its territory, its striking cobra-like appearance allays all the forewarnings needed to stay away from this monster and a pack of lesser Girros that are likely not far behind. With quick, accurate attacks and a venom that can paralyze even larger brute wyverns, finding this monster lurking on the path to your local park is sure to be a chilling experience.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Great Jagras against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Great Jagras

Few monsters are as likely to gobble the entire table in one go at your local chili-eating contest as the Great Jagras. Capcom first introduced this iguana-looking monster in Monster Hunter World, and it often travels as the leader of lesser Jagras.

But don’t think it’s a slouch! This creature’s gluttonous appetite and aggressive demeanor often catch it in tussles with far more dangerous monsters, despite it humbly residing lower in the food chain. If you see this hefty beast then be warned, you’d better offer it something better to eat or, it might swallow you whole instead.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Jyuratodus against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Jyuratodus

It’s tempting to mark this monster as just ‘another large muddy fish’, but Jyuratodus have so much more to offer this world! As a fellow mire-meanderer, this Piscine Wyvern is often seen clashing with equally aggressive Barroth in intense turf wars to determine who can keep the most mud on their person at any given time of the day.

But necessity is the spice of reason, as it is believed that this bipedal coelacanth-looking monster needs to coat itself in a layer of mud to stay hydrated and, admittedly, to hide from its prey. Be on the alert too, as the Jyuratodus enjoys nothing more than spitting mud on perceived intruders to hamper and restrict its target’s movement before they go for a killing blow.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Kulu-Ya-Ku against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Kulu-Ya-Ku

This prized-rock-wielding bird wyvern is possibly the goofiest fifth-generation Monster. Renowned as a possible kleptomaniac with a penchant for casual theft, it’s hard not to love this seemingly docile raptorial beast.

Sporting light brown scales and a stylish yellow crest with orange accents, you may be inclined to relax around this dodo-like creature. Be warned, however, that Kulu-Ya-Kus have an inherent destructive tendency to unearth sturdy rocks, with the intent of bludgeoning or tossing them at any aggressors if threatened.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Legiana against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Legiana

This icy flying wyvern debuted in Monster Hunter: World with its visually stunning leaf-like wings. As an intensely territorial and incredibly agile hunter, this monster poses a significant threat with its ability to emit freezing cold air to lock targets in place, before delivering a devastating strike with its razor-sharp talons or deathly sword-like tail.

Try not to focus on the majesty of its dark navy blue form complementing its piercing yellow eyes, or its loveable antenna-like fins atop its head. The longer the stare, the more time it has to deftly strike you from behind – you have been warned.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Paolumu against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Paolumu

Welcome to what is likely the most conflicting creature that you’ll have to face in Monster Hunter Now. This cute monster is sure to send you into an emotional tail-spin, as its adorable bat-like face and dandelion appearance conceal a professional of cyclonic disasters.

The iconic Paolumu first appeared in Monster Hunter: World and is relatively docile unless provoked. At the snap of a finger, this monster is able to inhale vast quantities of air when threatened, enabling it to knock would-be aggressors off their feet by exhaling controlled wind bursts before delivering crushing tail strikes from above, the side, or just about any direction it can maneuver to.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Pukei-Pukei against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Pukei-Pukei

The Pukei-Pukei is possibly one of the more abstract-looking monsters that you’ll encounter in Monster Hunter Now. This bird wyvern closely resembles a chameleon in traits, with a limited ability to change colors. Be warned however, this wyvern’s body is filled to the brim with poisonous fluid, which it’ll happily let you feel the effects of after it’s ensnared you with its whip-like tongue.

To make matters worse, the Pukei-Pukei moonlights as an amateur mixologist, combining the plants and berries that it eats with its own poisonous body fluids to fuel venomous poison breath attacks. Bringing an antidote is essential to hunting this reptilian rascal.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Rathalos against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Rathalos

This first-generation flying wyvern is an iconic terror, labeled as the ‘King of the Skies’, counterpart to the Rathian, and is likely remembered as the first absolutely terrifying fight of the original series. With a particular interest in staying airborne, the Rathalos is known for surveying vast quantities of its perceived territory to defend its nest from any intruders.

Intensely aggressive, this monster uses its piercing talons to swoop and dive at any invaders, overexerting its enemies into a fatigued state before unleashing a barrage or fiery attacks from above. When grounded, its spiny and vibrant hide forms a particularly effective barrier against a majority of attacks, allowing it to swiftly end any fight with a vicious bite or devastating swipe of its tail. Fear not though, as before any of this devastation arrives at your doorstep, you’ll surely see this vibrant red baron blocking the sunlight with its large, tribal pattern wings or hear its formidable ear-shattering roar.

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Rathian against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Rathian

The Rathian is known as ‘Queen of the Land’ and a toxic member of the original first-generation power couple, it’s a swift and surprisingly acrobatic flying wyvern. Never missing ‘leg day’, this frisky-flier standardized wyverns learning to backflip, frequently combining aerial attacks with poisonous barbs on the end of its tail to whip would-be aggressors into a dazed and envenomed state.

Be careful of a fiery demise too, as this aggressor is a savant in shooting fireballs in quick succession and igniting patches of land to block the escape of prey. Remember too, where a Rathian treads, their natural partner Rathalos, is likely to follow…

Monster Hunter Now monsters - a Tobi-Kadachi against a rocky background

Monster Hunter Now Tobi-Kadachi

The Tobi-Kadachi could charitably be described as a quadrupedal snake cosplaying as a flying squirrel, this particular monster has a striking appearance and, unfortunately, quite a striking method of defending itself. It’s a fledgling master of the aerial arts and utilizes high-energy leaping attacks to swipe, bite, and overwhelm any attackers.

To make matters worse, this fanged wyvern is capable of building up static electricity by brushing its fur across the ground and other surfaces as it leaps and dives, with the intent of entering an electrified state. Pay special attention to when the cape of fur along its back starts to glow, lest you have a particular interest in feeling the aftereffects of a lightning-powered tail strike.

Are there any upcoming Monster Hunter Now monsters?

At launch, Capcom and Niantic confirmed that new monsters will join the game a part of a seasonal model, alongside new weapon types and story quests. We don’t have any concrete information about when these new features are due to release, but Capcom and Niantic teased that there would be a big update each quarter. There are rumors that a big update is due to drop in December, so we might get to test our mettle against a new monster then. Of course, we’ll update this guide as soon as we know more.

Well, that covers all of the Monster Hunter Now monsters that you’ll see cropping up in your local news networks. Don’t forget to check back in the future so you can get all the latest hunting notes on recently released beasts from the iconic series.

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