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Monster Hunter Now codes

Here are all the Monster Hunter Now codes for Niantic’s latest creature feature packed with battles, buffs, and weirdly cute monsters.

Monster Hunter Now codes: a character facing down a large dragon creature

Never fear, Monster Hunter Now codes are here! With the release of Niantic’s Mon Hun flavored mobile game come new codes to grant us freebies. These codes may be few and far between as they come from partnerships and special events, according to the official site. While you wait for the codes, embark on your new adventure and hunt for weird and wonderful creatures from the series around your local area, Pokémon Go-style, with a Felyne friend right by your side.

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Here are all the new Monster Hunter Now codes:

  • MHNOW15M – 5k zenny, two hunt-a-thon tickets, and two potions (new!)
  • MHN6MA2024 – 10k zenny, three wander droplets, and three paintballs

Expired codes:

  • MHNOW20M
  • MHN5M 
  • MHNow10M

How do I redeem Monster Hunter Now codes?

For now, there’s no way in-game to redeem any codes that come out. Instead, follow these steps.

There you go – extra goodies to use in the game. Note that for now, players who sign in with Apple ID cannot redeem codes via this method. You can link to another provider in your account settings to make use of the referral page.

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What are Monster Hunter Now referral codes?

You may notice that in your settings, you have a referral code available. This is a unique code that new players can enter when starting the game for the first time, which grants both you and them some gifts as they reach level six. This includes paintballs, potions, and zenny currency. You can receive up to 20 rewards each month from your referral code, so feel free to share it far and wide!

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