Monster Hunter Now weapon types

Our Monster Hunter Now weapon types guide is here to help you on the hunt, so grab your hammer, take our axe, and let’s battle those beasts.

Monster Hunter Now weapons: two hunters charge ahead with large weapons

If you need to know the Monster Hunter Now weapon types, then don’t worry, your hunt is over. Niantic and Capcom are bringing the popular beastie-bashing game to mobile with the same geolocation and AR technology that helped Pokémon Go take the world by storm. Just like other Monster Hunter games, it’s up to you to choose the best weapon for the job, and that’s where we come in.

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Let’s unleash a blast of information with our Monster Hunter Now weapon types guide.

All Monster Hunter Now weapon types

Monster Hunter Now weapon types: a series of icons show different types of weapons

Sword and Shield 

A great choice for beginners, the sword and shield balances things perfectly between offense and defense so you can get to grips with the game’s mechanics. Unleash a flurry of attacks using the special skill “perfect rush combo” and hold the line with your trusty shield. If you’re only just diving into the series this is the perfect place to start.

Great Sword 

Once you have your skills down, the great sword is a fantastic weapon. The great sword deals a huge amount of damage to big beasts, but with no shield to defend you, it’s all about timing your attacks and avoiding critical hits. Hold the attack button to charge a brutal swing of your sword, but make sure your foe doesn’t attack you while you wait. Plus, unleash the special skill “true charged slash” for whopping levels of damage.

Long Sword 

A quick weapon that gets more powerful as you attack, the long sword is great for cutting off monster parts. You can unleash quick successive attacks with ease, and as you land blows, you charge a spirit gauge that increases damage output. If you’re feeling particularly nimble, use the special skill “spirit helm breaker” to launch into the air and unleash a lethal slicing attack from above.

Monster Hunter Now weapon types: a series of hunters attack a Rathian in the mobile game Monster Hunter Now


If you haven’t the patience – or athleticism – to dart around and avoid attacks, sometimes you just want to wack things really hard. The hammer is like a freight train, a huge weapon that you can use loosely and wildly, but when it connects, those monsters have a one-way ticket to Timbuktu. Then spin around and unleash a flurry of powerful attacks with the special skill “spinning bludgeon” before finishing off those beasts with a massive upward strike.

Light Bowgun 

For some distance and customization, the light bowgun is a really fun pick. Stand back and pepper those pesky monsters with a hail of bullets, plus the ammo you choose has different effects. Pick the right bullets for each beast, and you’re laughing. Finally, the special skill “wyvernblast counter” launches a huge explosive shell sure to annihilate almost any angry creatures in your way.


The bow lets you mix precision and distance as you unleash medium-range attacks and charge each move to reach maximum damage output. If you have the skill to properly time your attacks – and avoid the monster’s moves – the bow lets you stand back and avoid those monsters’ claws while firing off powerful arrows. The special skill “dragon piercer” fires an almighty arrow that can pierce through any monster’s hide, so even the largest lethal wyvern is going to be shaking in its scaly boots.

Upcoming Monster Hunter Now weapon types 

The Monster Hunter Now website clearly displays the words “More weapons on their way!” so we can definitely expect Niantic and Capcom to add more weapons in the future.

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Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list 

After some brief time with the Monster Hunter Now beta, we have made a very preliminary Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list. We fully expect this to change as the game finally arrives in September, especially as Niantic and Capcom iron out bugs and make balance changes. Plus, different weapons work better for certain monsters, so each weapon has its place. You can find our early Monster Hunter Now weapon tier list below.

Tier Weapon
S Hammer, Long Sword
A Great Sword, Bow
B Sword & Shield, Light Bowgun

That’s all we have for our Monster Hunter Now weapon types guide for today, but be sure to check back when the Monster Hunter Now release date finally arrives next month. For even more monster-bashing action, be sure to check out our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet mystery gift codes guide to add some powerful beasts to your team.