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The best Monster Hunter Rise Dango loadouts

Learn what every Dango does and our picks for the best combinations

Two Palicos and a girl are serving Dangos in Monster Hunter Rise. Dangos are like mochi balls.

Want to know what the best Monster Hunter Rise Dango loadouts are? Bunny Dango replaces the huge banquet of food that you’re normally served by the canteen in Monster Hunter games. They’re essentially massive mochi balls the size of your face, decorated with different designs that give different buffs.

New flavours are found either by reaching new hunter ranks (both Village and Gathering Hub), or by completing requests or side quests given to you by the NPCs in Kamura Village. Whenever you eat a Dango, there’s a chance that the effect will trigger, giving you a handy buff for your next hunt. It will also boost your health and stamina significantly, so it’s always a good idea to eat before a hunt.

However, since you can have three Dango balls per meal, there’s definitely some combinations that are better than others. Here then is a full list of the Monster Hunter Rise Dango flavours that we’ve unlocked so far, including their percentages to trigger, as well as our recommendations for Dango combinations.

The best Dango flavour loadouts

Early on, you won’t have a lot of flavours to choose from. Medicinal is nearly always a good flavour to have, as increased health recovery from items is handy for beginners. Bestnut’s defence boost is also great, particularly against hard-hitting foes, while the Sharp flavour speeds up the sharpening time for your weapon.

The girl who owns the canteen in Monster Hunter Rise is ready to take your Dango order.

Later on, when you’ve got a few more Dango varieties on the menu, you may wish to tailor your choices based on the monsters you are facing. For example, if you’re going up against a Mizutsune, the Pure Water and later Waterfall Dangos both increase your water resistance by a fair chunk.

Other Dango have their uses for some weapons, but aren’t good for others. So while Fruitflash is very good for those using ranged weapons or gunlance shells, it’s useless to other blade and blunt weapon users. If you’re using a weapon that relies on stamina management, both the Pinea-full and Invigorating Dangos can help with this significantly.

Finally, there are a few that are just good to have. Dressage makes it so that you can mount a monster for a longer period of time, while Blastslash automatically upgrades your Large Barrel Bombs to Mega Barrel Bombs, and speeds up your weapon sharpening time.

You can set a favourite list of Dango by using the ‘Order the Usual’ menu. Just choose a slot, set your three Dangos, and you’re all set. Some Dango, like the first slot of the Grandiose Flavours, will change after every hunt, so make sure you have a look to see what’s on the menu before committing. If you want to ensure the effect of the Dango you eat triggers, then use a Dango Ticket to give every one of them a 100% chance of triggering.

A list of all the Dango on offer for your loadout in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Dango flavour list

Of course, these options are not the only ones on offer, and you’re free to mix and match as you please.

Here is the full list of Dango flavours, separated by category:

Powerful Flavours

Dango Effect name Description Chance to trigger
Sweetheart Dango Hurler Increases damage dealt by kunai 80%
Peach Skill Dango Deflector Helps your weapon retain sharpness when attacks are deflected 90%
Cool-to-the-Core Dango Bulker Grants a temporary attack boost when you use the Show Off 2 gesture for a while 80%
Mint-iature Dango Booster Temporarily increases attack and defence after consumption. This happens once per hunt 70%
Dizzybloom Dango Slugger Makes it easier to stun monsters 50%
Fruitflash Dango Bombadier Increases damage of Sticky Ammo and gunlance shells 50%
Beansplosion Dango Temper Increases ammo damage, but also increases deviation 50%
Secretheart Dango Hurler
Dango Specialist
Increases damage dealt by kunai, and increases the potency of abnormal status attacks 80%

Determined Flavours

Dango Effect name Description Chance to trigger
Medicinal Dango Medic (Lo) Slightly increases health recovery items. 85%
Moongazer Dango Reviver Restores health to allies in the area upon fainting once 90%
Cacaoutstanding Dango Immunizer Halves the effect duration of Defence Down and speeds up blight recovery 85%
Piping-hot Egg Dango Fire Res (Lo) Slightly increases fire resistance 90%
Pure Water Dango Water Res (Lo) Slightly increases water resistance 90%
Spicetingle Dango Thunder Res (Lo) Slightly increases thunder resistance 90%
Too-cool Dango Ice Res (Lo) Slightly increases ice resistance 90%
Magnaroar Dango Moxie Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health 60%
Lava-hot Egg Dango Fire Res (Hi) Significantly increases fire resistance 90%
Waterfall Dango Water Res (Hi) Significantly increases water resistance 90%
Spicejolt Dango Thunder Res (Hi) Significantly increases thunder resistance 90%
Sub-Zero Dango Ice Res (Hi) Significantly increases ice resistance 90%
Dragonward Dango Dragon Res (Lo) Slightly increases dragon resistance 80%
Dragonsbane Dango Dragon Res (Hi) Significantly increases dragon resistance 80%
Analeptic Dango Medic (Hi) Increases health recovery from items 85%

Unusual Flavours

Dango Effect name Description Chance to trigger
Sharp Dango Polisher Speeds up weapon sharpening 70%
Balancing Dango Feet Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt 55%
Leg Day Dango Wall Runner Decreases stamina depletion while wall running 80%
Pinea-full Dango Glutton Reduces stamina consumption for a certain period after eating 80%
Dressage Dango Rider Extends riding time (monsters) 80%
Invigorating Dango Fighter Reduces stamina depletion when evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions 50%
Spud-Luck Dango Weakener Large monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance of being weaker than normal 90%
Centering Dango Feet
Dango Marksman
Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt and increases the power of shots and arrows 55%
Blastslash Dango Polisher
Dango Pyro
Speeds up weapon sharpening and upgrades Large Barrel Bombs to Mega Barrel Bombs 70%

Grandiose Flavours

Dango Effect name Description Chance to trigger
Raisin d’être Dango Harvester Reduces the time between gathering point respawns 90%
Bee-utiful Dango Gatherer  Increases the quantity of honey obtained when gathering 75%
Chirp Chirp Dango Bird Caller  Makes Spiribirds more likely to approach you 80%
Buddy’s Treat Dango Trainer  Speeds up Buddy Growth 80%
Hap-peanut Dango Fortune Caller  Sometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest (has a daily limit) 90%
Wealthy Man Dango Money Maker Increases the amount of zenny you receive at the end of a quest (has a daily limit) 90%
The Kamura Dango Calculator Increases the number of Kamura Points you receive at the end of a quest (has a daily limit) 90%
Call-of-the-Wild Dango Summoner Makes rare Craft Creatures more likely to appear 90%
Rosy Dango Carver (Lo) Sometimes increases the number of times you can carve 80%

And that’s everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise Dangos. Be sure to use this in combination with the best Monster Hunter Rise armor and your Monster Hunter Rise weapons and Monster Hunter Rise skills of choice. We also have a list of the best Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades builds if you’re interested, or maybe you want a full Monster Hunter Rise monster list. Either way, get to eating your freshly prepared Dango meal, and happy hunting!