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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo teases more massive melee mayhem

Train yourself for the challenges that await by jumping into the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo to take on some pesky oversized pests

Screenshot of a monster attack from Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak demo

If you still haven’t decided whether or not you want to set off on another adventure of epic proportions in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, then you can test out the trials in a demo version. With new monsters to face, a lush jungle environment to explore, and the promise of even more in the near future, there’s never been a better time to take on Capcom’s epic quest-and-kill title. 

It’s rare that a DLC package gets its own special preview, but the Monster Hunter Rise: Subreak demo just goes to show how much the developer is pushing its new content. You can download the demo whether or not you have the full title, and from there, you can experience the new locations of Rise, with a small selection of hunting challenges of various difficulties. 

Of course, we’ve prepared well in advance of the DLC content with a fresh Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Rise new monsters guide, as well as that all-important Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Rise armour guide, so you can test them out early on by seeing how you shape up in the demo’s early-game content.

Where can I download the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo? 

You can download the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo from the eShop on June 14. 

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo. For more insight into the upcoming content, be sure to browse through our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapons guide and stay at your sharpest.