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Every new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon skill

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapons bring new and exciting ways to play with new skills for every last one, making use of the flexible wirebug

Two Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak weapons wielded by hunters in blue, as they take on a large red dragon monster.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive expansion for the already huge base game, bringing with it fresh monsters, quests, a handful of mechanics, and, of course, brand new weapons. That means there are new combos, switch skills, silkbind moves, and more for you to master.

We’re here to break down all the Monster Hunter Rise: weapons news we get, whether you’re a switch axe ace or hunting horn hero. Capcom has now revealed all the new weapon moves on Twitter and YouTube in a series of videos, which you can check out below.

We’ve got guides for everything else you need to know, too, whether it’s details on the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters or all the latest Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak armour. For more monster mayhem, check out our guide to the best monster games on Switch and mobile.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapons

Light Bowgun

The official Monster Hunter Twitter account describes the new skills for the light bowgun as high risk and high reward, which sounds exciting. It’s already an incredibly mobile weapon, and it looks like some of these silkbind moves are taking that even further.

Dual Blades

The dual blades are any attacker’s dream, with quick slashes, decent mobility, and high damage. Check out the new silkbind moves in the video above to see if it’s for you.


The lance is excellent for defence, turning you into a bit of a tank. It’s great for maintaining health thanks to a giant shield and good distance on melee attacks. What it lacks in mobility it makes up for in power. Check out the new skills for the weapon above.

Long Sword

The long sword has a similar charge system to the charge blade. As you slash away at your prey you build your spirit gauge, allowing you to unleash more powerful attacks. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings new moves to the weapon which you can see above.


The bow is a very mobile mid-range weapon with a wide variety of attacks. You can also apply various coatings to the arrows to cause status effects. Check out the new silkbind abilities above.

Charge Blade

The charge blade is a mix of a sword and an axe, but works a little different to the switch axe. You charge up the weapon in sword mode, then unleash that charged energy in axe mode. There are some new silkbind moves for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak which you can see in the video above.


The gunlance is a strong lance with a cannon on the end. You can get your monsters from afar, or land big strikes up close. You can check out some of the new silkbind attacks for the weapon above.

Hunting Horn

The hunting horn is a strange instrument. It’s part bagpipes, part big hammer. The tunes you play with it buff your party, making everyone’s lives easier, but you can also just bash monsters on the head with it. You can see some cool new moves in the video above, and also what looks to be the Garangolm armour and weapon set.

Insect Glaive

My personal weapon of choice in Monster Hunter Rise is the insect glaive. It’s a stick with a sharp end that you can use to perform aerial tricks and attacks. It’s so much fun, and looks to be even more mobile with the new combos that you can see in the video above.


The hammer is a big blunt weapon that can stun enemies. It’s great for breaking certain parts of monsters but isn’t too useful if you want to sever a tail or something like that. The video above shows off some new moves, and also has quite a charming caption.

Great Sword

The great sword is exactly what you think – a very big sword. It can inflict loads of damage and is even big enough to guard with. Check out the new silkbind combos in the video above. There seems to be some unhappy fans in the comments, but the moves look pretty good fun to me.

Sword & Shield

The trusty sword and shield is a great weapon in the base game thanks to its versatility, and the fact you can heal without sheathing your gear. In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the sword and shield is getting more silkbind moves and combos, which you can check out in the trailer above. It looks like the character is wielding the Seregios sword and shield.

Switch Axe

The switch axe does what it says on the tin: it switches. There’s the powerful axe form, and the quick slashes of the sword form. Switch axe wielders are getting new moves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, alongside a new counterattack. You can also see a new weapon in the trailer above, which looks like it’s made from the new monster Astalos.

Heavy Bowgun

The heavy bowgun is a hilarious weapon, because it’s basically just a big ol’ gun. The new version you can see above looks to be made from the Blood Orange Bishaten. You can also see the new silkbind moves coming to the weapon for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

That’s all the Monster Hunter Rise: weapons. Check out our breakdown of all the news from the most recent Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak event to get ready for this huge expansion.