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Look for Love(craft) with the Monster Prom trilogy physical edition

Super Rare reveals the Monster Prom trilogy physical edition, so you can finally complete your set with Monster Camp and Monster Roadtrip.

Monster Prom trilogy physical release: Three Monster Prom characters (a purple Cthulu girl, a skeleton person with a red shirt on, and a horned and winged person with red hair) outlined in white and pasted on a blurred graphic of the double pack bundle

Today’s a good day for fans of matchmaking and monsters, as Super Rare Games has announced the launch of the Monster Prom trilogy physical edition for the Nintendo Switch. The limited press distributor originally offered a physical edition for the first game back in 2020, but now returns to bring both Monster Camp XXL and Monster Roadtrip XXL into the physical realm.

Beautiful Glitch’s multiplayer monster dating sim series has a cult-like following, so we already know they’re going to love the bundles that Super Rare has on offer. Firstly, there’s the double pack of Monster Camp XXL and Monster Roadtrip XXL which packages the iconic dating game’s two sequels and all of their DLC together alongside some exclusive trading cards and stickers.

If you missed out on Monster Prom XXL’s physical drop in 2020 (or you’re just that dedicated a fan), Super Rare also has an extremely limited deluxe triple pack, featuring physical copies of all three titles, trading cards, stickers, an instant print character photo for each game, and an equally collectible deluxe box to keep it all in. This way, you can treat yourself or someone you love to the full collection of games and extras, while saving on shipping costs.

When can I get the Monster Prom trilogy physical edition?

Physical editions of Monster Camp XXL, Monster Roadtrip XXL, and the Monster Prom XXL Triple Pack Deluxe Edition all launch on March 7, 2024, at 18:00pm GMT (10:00am PST/13:00pm EST). Remember to set your alarms because there are only 3200 double packs and 800 triple packs available.

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The product pages are already live, so go ahead and click here to see the whole collection for yourself. We recommend bookmarking the page so you don’t lose it!

That’s the lowdown on the Monster Prom trilogy physical edition release. For more titles to fill the roster for your upcoming game night, check out our lists of the best party games and Switch multiplayer games.