Moonstone Island release date speculation

Studio Supersoft has announced a Moonstone Island release window, a mashup of gorgeous pixel graphics and deck-building coming next year.

Moonstone Island release date: a character with whiet hair and a blue hat against a blue, cloudy sky

Indie developer Studio Supersoft has announced the Moonstone Island release date is coming up soon for Nintendo Switch, as announced in the recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase. The game has gorgeous pixel art, and an intriguing genre mashup, with adventure and RPG elements as well as a deck-building system. It looks amazing, and you get to see it first-hand sometime next year.

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Is there a Moonstone Island trailer?

There sure is, check it out below.

YouTube Thumbnail

When is the Moonstone Island release date?

Moonstone Island is set to release for the Nintendo Switch in spring, 2024. We don’t have a firm release date yet, but we’ll update this page as soon as we do.

Moonstone Island is already available on PC and Mac, but I know where I, and I assume most of you, will play it. The Switch really is the place for indies, and it doesn’t look like the flow is slowing anytime soon.

What is Moonstone Island?

With over 120 islands to explore, tameable spirits, and crafting, it looks to be a massive game. It tells the story of the player-character, who moves to an island in the sky to practice alchemy. Using your various abilities, you train as an alchemist in a land full of dark forces just waiting to start a fight. Sadly, we have to wait for a firm release date before we know exactly when we get to experience it all.

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