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The Samsung Galaxy Ring is on display at MWC 2024

Samsung ring on display for the first time following reveal in January Gold, Platinum Silver, and Black variations with nine different sizes.

A bunch of Samsung Galaxy Ring's neatly displayed at MWC in Barcelona

The Samsung Galaxy ring is on display for the first time following its reveal in January. Featuring colourways in Gold, Platinum, Silver, and Black variations with nine different sizes (5-13), there are no exact details on what it does or what the benefits of the device are yet. Samsung is keen to reiterate that this is a prototype, meaning the Samsung Galaxy Ring might not see the light of day. We doubt it, but it’s a possibility.

Our very own hardware savant Connor Christie spotted the Samsung Galaxy Ring in the wild at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona; here’s what he thinks:

“The Samsung Galaxy Ring is discrete and slightly understated, though we’ve known that since the big reveal earlier this year. All three of the different color options are on display at the Galaxy booth, and I definitely think the Silver and Black versions are the most attractive, with the Gold looking a little garish for my taste. Still, it’s definitely an attractive piece of kit for those into their wearable technology, even if it is still technically a prototype ahead of an anticipated late 2024 release.”

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring works with a Galaxy Watch rather than replacing some functionality. Distinguishing itself with a concave band design, it aims for comfort for users to wear all day and night. Currently, only in a shiny, polished option will the colorways above fit right into a user’s jewelry or fashion take. Whilst there are no opportunities to get hands-on at this point, Samsung is constantly delivering the message that the Samsung Galaxy Ring is lightweight and wearable. With it being a ring and Samsung not being able to use dark matter, we don’t see why the weight would have been an issue anyway.

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Here are all the specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Ring we know right now:

Specs Details
Design Concave shape, shiny finish
Colors Ceramic Black, Platinum Silver, Gold
US ring sizes 5 – 13
Battery Slightly larger in bigger sizes (specifics not disclosed)
compatibility Requires a compatible Galaxy smartphone and Samsung Health app
Health tracking Sleep tracking, heart rate, breathing rate, night movement, early sleep apnea detection
Integration Works with Galaxy Watch for combined health data
Features Vitality score calculation, well-being goals, Booster Cards in Galaxy Health app

Again, there are no concrete specifications at the time of writing. However, the bright ring will have a sleep-tracking focus, using various health-tracking apps such as heart rate monitoring, breathing rate, night movement, and sleep apnea detection when used with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and Samsung Health app. It’s a comfortable wearable at night time, as opposed to the smartwatch option, which it syncs with seamlessly.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring can calculate a user’s Vitality score for those needing reassurance if they are alive or not. This assesses daily activity, sleep quality, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. Users can set specific well-being goals and receive feedback through Booster Cards within the Galaxy Health app, offering a personalised approach to staying alive for longer.

Samsung Galaxy Ring represents Samsung’s vision for “Ambient Sensing”, a new ecosystem of wearables and smart home devices that work together to reach a user’s health and wellness goals. It remains to be seen whether waking up will contribute to a win, which is a solid positive.

Despite the reveal at MWC, several details still need to be clarified, including its pricing, compatibility with non-Samsung and iOS devices, and the official release date. Samsung has promised to provide more information later in the year, although we want to use it for NFC payments like Green Lantern would. Too soon?

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