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TECNO’s Pocket Go is an impressive AR game changer

The new Pocket Go from TECNO promises to overhaul AR gaming. As it's unveiled, we got hands-on experience with the new tech while attending MWC 2024.

TECNO Pocket Go set at MWC

Our lead hardware journalist, Connor Christie, is keeping himself busy over at the massive Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona – knee-deep in the action as new announcements come in thick and fast. Today, he’s been getting to grips with TECNO’s exciting AR gaming set, the Pocket Go.

TECNO has positioned the Pocket Go as a high-performance device that seamlessly integrates AR glasses with a Windows handheld powered by a powerful gaming CPU equipped with eight cores, 16 threads, turbo frequencies reaching up to 5.1 GHz, and fitted with a reliable 50Wh replaceable battery, guaranteeing uninterrupted game sessions wherever you are even if you don’t have the best gaming phone.

Attempting to circumvent frustrations with the clunkiness of some VR headsets, the Pocket Go is designed around a compact and lightweight design for comfort and portability, alongside a Micro-OLED screen. The headset offers a cinematic, vision-filling display, simulating a colossal 215-inch television from six meters away. With a six-axis gyroscope and sophisticated AI algorithms, the AR headset precisely tracks head movements, and a combination of vibration enhancement technology and Hall Effect joysticks makes for precise control and tactile feedback.

Sounds great, in theory, right? In the flesh, it’s pretty much just as impressive as it looks on paper. Connor describes the Pocket Go as being his favorite new piece of hardware from TECNO at MWC. He got hands-on with the Pocket Go, playing the demanding Cyberpunk 2077 on it, and reports that, despite never having been a fan of AR, he “might be a convert now.” He says, “It’s an AR gaming headset that allows your peripheral vision to stray outside the game, so it never becomes overwhelming like some of the AR alternatives.”

Connor using TECNO Pocket Go at MWC

As for the physical hardware itself, he notes that “the controller could be a little comfier, it’s slightly on the heavy side but not quite cumbersome. As for the headset itself, it fits nicely on the face – even on a big head like mine – and there are sliders above each eye to adjust the visuals to suit your vision.”

He concludes, “It’s not on the market yet, but it’s going to be a very tempting proposition when it is.”

Connor’s journeying around MWC all week, so stay tuned for more hands-on experience from Barcelona across the rest of the week.

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