Steam Deck 2 release date speculation and rumors

If you can't wait for the Steam Deck 2 release date, we've got all the details on when you can expect to pick up the next generation of portable PC gaming.

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Valve released the Steam Deck on February 25, 2022, and in the year since its release, the console continues to prove popular among PC players. And, to be fair, you do get a lot of power in that portable hardware, but surely Valve wants to capitalize and turn this into a series of products? Well, we’re here to tell you all we know about the potential Steam Deck 2 release date, possible prices, and more.

So as not to be too unfaithful to Nintendo as we love the company and its Switch, allow us to tell you all about the best Resident Evil games, Mario games, Zelda games, FNAF games, and horror games that you can play on the hybrid console. Or, if the Steam Deck doesn’t do it for you, see what alternatives our list of the best portable gaming consoles has to offer.

Anyway, onto more pressing matters, is there a Steam Deck 2 release date?

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Steam Deck 2 release date speculation

At the time of writing, there is no official Steam Deck 2 release date. However, we can speculate on when a sequel to the successful PC gaming handheld might arrive by looking at other manufacturers, insider quotes, and rumors. Fortunately, there’s a fair bit of material to go off.

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve lead designer Lawrence Lang shed some light on when the next iteration of the Steam Deck may hit the market. Unfortunately for all you PC gamers out there, he says that “a true next-gen Deck with a significant bump in horsepower wouldn’t be for a few years.” So, we’re pretty sure we’re not going to see the sequel arrive in 2024 unless there’s a drastic change in Valve’s approach.

Another quote from a Valve employee, Pierre-Loup Griffais, to The Verge in September of 2023 sheds more light on when we can anticipate a Steam Deck 2 release date. Griffais told The Verge that a follow-up is unlikely until the developer can improve performance without a “significant cost to power efficiency and battery life” and that he doesn’t “anticipate such a leap to be possible in the next couple of years.” With that in mind, we might be looking at 2025 or 2026 as the soonest possible launch of the Steam Deck 2.

Both of those quotes came before the release of the Steam Deck OLED in November 2023. If you compare this handheld console to the Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED arrived in 2021, and we still haven’t seen a follow-up console since, despite rumors it may arrive in 2024. While it’s just speculation, the arrival of an OLED version seemingly puts any possible Steam Deck 2 release date even further into the future, with the souped-up version improving the lifespan of the original iteration for those looking for longer battery life and a better display.

Screenshot of the Steam Deck Oled with a white screen from the trailer for the device for Steam Deck 2 release date guide

Steam Deck 2 price speculation

Honestly, it’s hard to give an estimate on a product that’s likely years away from release. However, given what the current prices are following the phasing out of the 64GB and 512GB LCD versions, we can make a rough estimate. The current models cost:

  • $399 (£349) for the 256GB LCD model
  • $549 (£479) for the 512GB OLED model
  • $649 (£569) for the 1TB OLED model

From those price points and what’s bound to be an increase in the quality of technology, it’s likely that you can add an extra $100 to each of those models, assuming Valve sticks to this approach. Unfortunately, we probably won’t know the pricing structure until Valve announces a Steam Deck 2 release date, so keep your eyes on this page for all the latest.

Steam Deck 2 display and specs rumors

One improvement we anticipate seeing when the Steam Deck 2 release date rolls around is a better refresh rate display. The ASUS ROG Ally and upcoming competitor MSI Claw A1M offer 120Hz refresh rate displays, compared to the Steam Deck OLED’s 90Hz and base models 60Hz. If Valve wants to maintain its place at the top of the growing pack of portable PC gaming consoles, it’s going to need to step up its game to contend with some of the competitors. How exactly it does that is up to the crack team of engineers responsible for the original and OLED Steam Deck.

In terms of changes to the overall design, we’re not expecting anything drastic considering many critics have commended Valve on the ergonomic design of the original Steam Deck. While there might be some change to the original build, the quotes from those at Valve working on the Steam Deck 2 seem to suggest that they’re most concerned with improving the internals, and therefore the performance, of the follow-up console.

There you have it, our guide to all the Steam Deck 2 release date speculation and rumors. While you’re here, check out our picks for the best horror games on Nintendo Switch and mobile for some spooky treats.