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My Friend Pedro premium – what it is and how to get it

Find out all about My Friend Pedro premium access and what it entails in this fun, fruity spin-off

Protagonist holding Pedro like a phone

My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge has hit mobile, and is cooking up a storm. With its fun, fast-paced gameplay and vivid, fever-dream-esque style, it’s not hard to see why. But there have been a few fresh questions floating around – what is My Friend Pedro premium access, is it worth it, and how do I get it? Well, let’s peel back the majestic, yellow skin and find out more.

At its base, the game is free, but players can access My Friend Pedro premium – for a small fee, of course. In this guide, we’ll let you know what exactly you get, how much it costs, and how to unlock it. So grab your fruit bowl and your credit card, it’s time to go bananas.

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What is My Friend Pedro premium?

As mentioned above, My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is totally free to download and play, but players can choose to purchase the premium version if they want. The game consists of 36 action-packed levels, brimming with enemies, puzzles, and puns to keep you busy. However, you only have three hearts for HP, and there are no curative items to be found.

Protagonist aiming guns, with Pedro floating nearby

In the base game, you’re sent right back to the beginning if you die. For those of you who have fast reflexes, a heap of dedication, or a passion for arcade-style experiences, this shouldn’t be a problem – you will still be able to play the game in its entirety, even though it will likely take you a couple of attempts. But if, like me, you’re a bit of a scrub, premium offers a way out. With premium unlocked, when you die, you can retry that level with full health straight away. From the menu, you can also select any level you have already completed and pick up from there, allowing you to take a shot at beating your own score.

Additionally, My Friend Pedro premium gives you access to blood rush mode, which amps up the difficulty significantly. So, if you’ve completed the game and are thirsting for some more fruity goodness, this is great for you.

How do I unlock My Friend Pedro premium?

My Friend Pedro premium is an in-app purchase. If you die when playing the free version, you can click the repeat button (a circular arrow) which will bring up the option to purchase premium and allow you to continue where you left off. Or you can hit the button in the top right corner of the game menu and choose to buy it from there. It currently costs $3.04/£2.19 to buy, and you can purchase it using your chosen Google Play or App Store payment method. It’s a pretty reasonable price for such a fun and addictive little title, especially as there are no further in-app purchases.

If you want to sink a bunch of time into this fun little romp with your good old friend Pedro, or even invest in the premium access, you can download the game from Google Play or the App Store and start playing for free today.