Mythic Heroes tier list – every character ranked by role

Find out how every Mythic Heroes character ranks in each game mode with our handy Mythic Heroes tier list

Mythic Heroes tier list; Athena, Medusa, and Nagakayana

Mythic Heroes is an idle RPG full of powerful Gods and heroes from different cultures, where you summon and form your own unique team. You must fight against the dark forces that threaten the world, while enhancing your army’s abilities, skills, and weapons as you embark on an adventure to save the realm.

Of course, even idle games require some power to succeed, so you’ll need to ensure your team is the best of the best if you want to come out on top. That’s where we come in. With our Mythic Heroes tier list, you’ll know exactly which champs can carry you to victory. Whether you’re looking for the best picks for PVE, PVP, or boss battles, we’ve ranked every hero in each class to help you on your way.

We’ll update this tier list as new patches and characters come out, so be sure to keep checking back, and head over to our Mythic Heroes codes for some awesome freebies. If you’re a fan of idle games like this, you can also check out our AFK Arena tier list and AFK Arena codes.

Mythic Heroes tier list

There are four roles in Mythic Heroes – fighter, mage, support, and tank. Some characters can play multiple roles, but perform better in a specific role or line up, so be mindful when building your team. There are also three types of battle, PVE, PVP, and boss fights. Different heroes are more successful in certain situations, meaning it’s a good idea to create a different team for each fighting mode.

Mythic Heroes tier list; fighter Lucifer

Mythic Heroes fighter tier lists

In Mythic Heroes, fighters are either melee or ranged heroes. They deal high amounts of physical damage through burst or rapid attacks. Strong melee fighters should be placed at the front of a formation, whereas squishy, ranged fighters should be placed at the back.

Mythic Heroes fighter PVE tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Lucifer
A Susanoo, Artemis
B Medusa, Archimedes, Oberon
C Lu Bu

Mythic Heroes fighter PVP tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Lucifer, Susanoo
A Artemis, Medusa
B Lu Bu, Archimedes
C Oberon

Mythic Heroes fighter boss tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Artemis, Lucifer, Susanoo
A Medusa, Lu Bu
B Archimedes
C Oberon

Mythic Heroes tier list; Mage Izanami

Mythic Heroes mage tier lists

Like fighters, mages are the other type of damage dealer. They deal magic damage instead of physical, and are a little more fragile than fighters, meaning they should generally be positioned at the back of your team. They can be ranged or melee, and specialise in AOE or burst attacks, meaning they either have the ability to cover wide areas of the map or chip enemies down quickly.

Mythic Heroes mage PVE tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Ganjiang and Moye
A Izanami, Tamamo No Mae, Flora, Persephone, Lilith
B Cleopatra, Zeus

Mythic Heroes mage PVP tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Ganjiang and Moye, Izanami, Tamamo No Mae, Cleopatra
A Persephone, Flora, Zeus, Lilith

Mythic Heroes mage boss tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Persephone
A  Ganjiang and Moye, Izanumi, Tamamo No Mae, Cleopatra, Flora, Zeus
B Lilith

Mythic Heroes tier list; support Nuwa

Mythic Heroes support tier list

Support heroes can control enemies through stops or hinges, heal or buff their teammates, and more – pretty much the best friends you could hope for. They use magic damage, and can also act as off-tanks or mages, meaning some can survive on the frontlines or deal some tasty damage. Positioning entirely depends on what type of support they are – just remember, heroes with lower health should always be placed at the back, out of harm’s way.

Mythic Heroes support PVE tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Nuwa
A Joan of Arc, Idun, Nagakayna, Cassandra, Hela, Iset
B Dionysus

Mythic Heroes support PVP tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Nuwa, Idun
A Iset, Joan of Arc, Nagakayna, Cassandra, Hela
B Dionysus

Mythic Heroes support boss tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Dionysus
A Idun, Nagakayna, Nuwa, Iset, Cassandra, Hela
C Joan of Arc

Mythic Heroes tier list; Hades

Mythic Heroes tank tier list

Who doesn’t love a good tank? Tanks, as their name suggests, are able to tank plenty of heavy damage, and some can even taunt enemies to divert their attention, or crowd control capabilities. They deal physical damage, but have a low damage output, and should primarily be positioned at the front to absorb most of the enemy attacks.

Mythic Heroes tank PVE tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Athena
A Typhon, Hades, Poseidon, Thor, Gaia
C Hercules, Anubis

Mythic Heroes tank PVP tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
A Typhon, Hades, Athena, Poseidon, Thor, Gaia, Hercules, Anubis

Mythic Heroes tank boss tier list

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Typhon
A Hades
B Poseidon, Thor, Hercules
C Athena, Gaia, Anubis

How do I perform a Mythic Heroes reroll?

If you want to perform a Mythic Heroes reroll, it’s pretty easy. Just remember, you will lose all of your progress.

  • Launch Mythic Heroes (you have to finish the tutorial before rerolling)
  • Head to settings, then tap account
  • Ensure you’re logged out of your social media or Nintendo account if you’ve linked it
  • Start the game again, then complete the tutorial and bind to a different account

And that’s our Mythic Heroes tier list. If you’re looking for something new to play, you should check out our lists of the best mobile RPGs or the best mobile strategy games for more games like this.