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New NetEase Games studio led by Resident Evil vet Hiroyuki Kobayashi

The new NetEase Games studio, GPTRACK50 is to be head up by Resident Evil series producer and Dino Crisis veteran Hiroyuki Kobayashi

New NetEase Gamees studio couches near windows

NetEase is set to strengthen its position in the videogames industry as it opens up a new NetEase Games studio, GPTRACK50, a development team that’s set to deliver original content from Japan to a worldwide audience. Undoubtedly, this is an exciting prospect for those that reside in the West, as the East has some outstanding games that are yet to leave the region.

Better still, Hiroyuki Kobayashi heads up the studio, so you know it’s in safe hands. Should you not be familiar with the industry veteran, he’s best known for his work on various Capcom IPs, including Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and the much-beloved Dino Crisis. Behind him is a solid team that’s composed of experienced professionals from not just games, but film and TV too.

“I believe that NetEase Games, a company with extensive experience in investment and co-development, is a very reliable business partner in developing high-quality games and entertainment projects,” Kobayashi says. “With the support and respect from NetEase in understanding me and my team’s development achievements and values, I will build a stronger team with the goal of creating more original quality contents that will satisfy users around the world.”

As for what the studio intends to work on first, we can’t say, but the pedigree of those at GPTRACK50 fills us with the hope that the initial project is one to keep an eye on.

New NetEEase Games studio entrance

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