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A new PlayStation handheld could re-Vita-lize gaming

Rumors suggest that a new PlayStation Vita-like handheld is in development by Sony, and is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and 5.

PlayStation handheld: A Playstation Vita on a blue background with a white question mark

We love rumors. Even if we believe them and then get sad when nothing happens, following them is really fun. Today’s rumor is that a new PlayStation Vita is in the works, but is a long way off.

We recently got the PlayStation Portal, a somewhat underwhelming handheld that could easily be forgotten if a newfangled piece comes out… perhaps a PlayStation Vita 2? Once we get the Nintendo Switch 2 out of the way, it might be our next console to look forward to.

Now, Moore’s Law is Dead is a dubious source, so please take this with a whole bag of salt, not just a grain. These are alleged leaks that may never come to fruition, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

As first picked up by WCCFTech, there’s allegedly a new PlayStation handheld powered by AMD in early development. It’s said to have compatibility with both PlayStation 4 and 5 games. The console is thought to be in the ‘high-level design phase’, meaning it’s a few years off from release.

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It could mean that this console would release as part of the sixth generation of PlayStation consoles. It’s far enough away that we’re not sure what a potential Vita 2 would compete with – a Switch 3? A second Steam Deck? An OLED Steam Deck Lite?

I’m down for this if it means I can actually play the likes of Genshin Impact on a handheld with a built-in controller, seeing as it never came to Switch. Plus, I never had a Vita, but I like the idea of it and it had a good catalog of games – in fact, we’ve got a whole list of the best PS Vita games for you to peruse if you’re curious.

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