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The Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console again

After the PlayStation 5 broke the Nintendo Switch’s three-year streak, the two hardware hits have traded first place on the US sales chart ever since

On the left, the Nintendo Switch's red and blue Joy-Con attached to the pad. On the right, the Nintendo Switch OLED model being undocked, with the white Joy-Con in the pad in front of the dock.

The best-selling console in the US last month was the Nintendo Switch, as reported by Mat Piscatella from NPD. While the Switch has been a big hit ever since its release in 2017, improved availability of the PlayStation 5 last year has seen the two consoles battling it out.

The main issue that all hardware manufacturers are struggling with at the moment is availability. The demand for all three platforms is incredibly high, but due to a global chip shortage, they’ve struggled to match that demand. The PlayStation 5 is notoriously difficult to get, with many people paying resellers well above the recommended retail price.

Piscatella had some other interesting stats in a lengthy Twitter thread covering February 2022. Overall, video game sales are down compared to last year, but on the bright side, Elden Ring has sold gangbusters, becoming the fifth best-selling game of the last twelve months already. If only it was on the Switch, eh? I mean, I’d take a four-frames-a-second Elden Ring just to have it on the bus.

You can check out Mat Piscatella’s tweets below.

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