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Ooblets nurnies - a spring in your step

Essential for crafting and building the farm of your dreams, learn all about one of the most important parts of the game with our Ooblets nurnies guide

Ooblets nurnies: a screenshot from the game Ooblets shows a character croaching into a small wooden hut known as an Oobcoop

There are a whole lot of things to build in Ooblets if you want to make a nice farm for yourself and your lovely little vegetable pals, so you’re probably wondering how to find Oobets nurnies. These whimsical little green springs are a part of a lot of different recipes, so you’re going to want to collect as many as you can.

This Ooblets nurnies guide is here to help you find plenty of this important resource, so you can craft so many Oobcoops you won’t know what to do with all those Ooblets. You also need extra Oobcoops if you want to expand your Ooblet collection, so later on in the game nurnies become even more important than you might think.

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Spring into action and check out our ooblets nurnies guide now.

Ooblets nurnies

Ooblets nurnies: a screenshot from the game Ooblets displays the green spring-like item known as a nurny

What are Ooblets nurnies?

Nurnies are an item in Ooblets absolutely essential for crafting. They appear like a green spring, though almost any trash that you clear will turn into a nurny. They’re very useful later on in the game when you want to craft and upgrade multiple Oobcoops so you can house more Ooblets on your farm, so we recommend amassing as many as you can.

Ooblets nurnies: a screenshot from the game Ooblets shows a character croaching into a small wooden hut known as an Oobcoop

How do I find Ooblets nurnies?

The easiest place to find nurnies is on your farm. When you clear debris you always get an item as a reward, and when you break up a stone specifically, you’re rewarded with a few nurnies. If you’re absolutely desperate for a few extra nurnies and your farm is all out of stone, there are a couple of things you can do.

  • Buy nurnies with wishes from the wishing well
  • Compete in the daily dance battle tournament in Badgetown, where occasionally the prize is a collection of nurnies
  • Improve your friendship level with villagers to occasionally be rewarded with nurnies
  •  Go sea dangling with bait, and occasionally you will pull up a small nurny bundle

That’s just about everything you need to know about ooblets nurnies, so we hope this helps you with all your crafting needs. For a bit of extra help, why not check out our Ooblets beanjuice guide next?