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Ore Smelting Tycoon codes

Need Ore Smelting Tycoon codes? Smelt down some ore and unlock the sweet rocks, then get building the biggest empire you can with our guide.

Ore Smelting Tycoon codes: a large grassy area is shown with several structures, presnting an Ore Smelting factory in Roblox

October 20, 2022 We have updated this guide with the latest Ore Smelting Tycoon code

It seems there are very few things you can’t do in Roblox, as today we discovered another fantastic entrepreneurial escapade, and this one really rocks. So, we’ve scoured the land, ironed out the kinks, and come back to you lucky players with our guide to Ore Smelting Tycoon codes. They’re going to smelt your cold, iron hearts.

These Ore Smelting Tycoon codes are here to help you gather even more resources, unlock fancy new extras, and build the biggest ore-smelting empire the land of Roblox has ever seen. There are also just some handy time-savers, as nobody likes busy work, right? Anyway, there’s some-tin for everyone here, and a silver of hope for anyone stuck on what to do. Careful, there’s some graphite imagery below.
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Here is our guide to Ore Smelting Tycoon codes

Ore Smelting Tycoon codes

Active codes:

  • 12.5KLIKES – 2 minutes of boosts
  • 30kFavourites – new
  • 10kLikes – new
  • 2kPlayers  – new
  • 2mVisits – new
  • 20kFavourites – new
  • SpughStudios – new
  • 1kPlayers – new
  • 5Klikes – two minutes of frenzy time
  • 1mVisits – three minutes thirty seconds of ore drop boost
  • SamirDevs – five minutes of cash boost

Expired Codes:

  • contributor

What are Ore Smelting Tycoon codes?

Ore Smelting Tycoon is a resource management game, so it’s all about gathering as much ore as possible to build up your fortune by selling them. These codes are a series of numbers and letters that when redeemed, will reward you with bonuses like increased ore, increased cash, and other great boosts.

How to redeem Ore Smelting Tycoon codes?

  • Fire up Roblox and open Ore Smelting Tycoon
  • Hit the Twitter icon
  • Enter one of the codes into the field

Hit redeem and enjoy your rewards

We hope you managed to copper couple of great rewards from these codes, and be sure to check back regularly for even more codes and updates. For even more great rewards, be sure to check out our guide to Pixel Gun Tower Defense codes now.