Oil Warfare Tycoon codes – free cash, upgrades, and more

Looking for a new shooter to dig your teeth into? This may be the one for you, and with our Oil Warfare Tycoon codes you can get some freebies for a head start

Drones shooting at each other in art from Oil Warfare Tycoon.

January 3, 2023: we checked for new Oil Warfare Tycoon codes.

Games that revolve around war have been a staple of the industry for a very, very long time. Call of Duty is consistently one of the best-selling games every year it releases. So, it’s no surprise that Roblox has its fair share of similar experiences. Who wouldn’t replicate one of the most popular genres in such a free creative playground?

If you’re just getting started, you may want a helping hand. That’s where our Oil Warfare Tycoon codes come in. We can help you nab some free cash to keep your war chest full, or just get you some weapon upgrades. Once you’ve got everything you need, get out there and get battling!

Be sure to keep this page bookmarked, as we’ll update the page as soon as any new codes become available. Once you’re all tuckered out, check out our Box Simulator codes, Base Battles codes, Titan Warfare codes, and Anime Rifts codes lists to find a new arena to hone your fighting skills.

Oil Warfare Tycoon codes

Active codes:

  • Hooray50k – free reward
  • 200K – 20-minute double cash boost, 200k cash, and one life barret m82 gamepass gun
  • 50M – double cash for 50 minutes
  • BlueBird – free reward
  • Weekend – free reward
  • TweetUp – free reward
  • GoinUp – double cash boost
  • APRILFIRST – 100,000 cash
  • POWERUP – upgrade recon and machine gun drone to level 1
  • BigBucks – 100,000 cash
  • Stonks – double cash for ten minutes

Expired codes:

  • MoneyPrinter
  • BigBoom
  • TrickOrTreat

Cars shooting at each other in art from Oil Warfare Tycoon.

What are Oil Warfare Tycoon codes?

Oil Warfare Tycoon codes are given out by the developer to give you a boost in-game. Whether it’s some extra cash or an upgrade to your arsenal, these freebies often come around when the Roblox game hits different milestones, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

How do I redeem Oil Warfare Tycoon codes?

Redeeming codes is way too easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Boot up Oil Warfare Tycoon in Roblox
  • Tap the Twitter icon on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Put in one of our codes
  • Hit the ‘redeem’ button
  • Enjoy the free stuff!

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