The best Pac-Man games for Switch and mobile – waka waka

Gobble up ghosts to your heart’s content as the yellow menace chases them around, in our guide to the best Pac-Man games for Switch and mobile

Why do we want to find the best Pac-Man games? Well, you can’t beat a good classic. Sandwiches, the beach, dogs, and good ol’ Pac-Man. It’s been decades since the yellow guy graced arcades all over the world, and yet here we are in the year 2022 with so many amazing ways to play the classic all over again.

Whether you’re a veteran who just wants to relive the rush of youth by playing some classic arcade Pac-Man and blasting out Spandau Ballet (I’m not projecting), or you’re a young player wanting to see what the fuss is all about while attempting to beat your dad’s high score. There is so much to choose from, so let us break down the best Pac-man games on Switch and mobile for you.

If you want to play a videogame that isn’t Pac-Man though (weird, but we’ll allow it), why not gobble up one of our other guides like you’re the little yellow geezer himself absolutely destroying ghosts and obliterating them from existence. We’ve got great guides like the best Switch Metroidvanias, the best Switch RPGs, and to top things off a bumper guide to the very best Switch games.

Here’s our guide to the best Pac-Man games on Switch & mobile.

Pac-Man games

Best Pac-Man games: A level from the game Super Pac-Man is visiblePlay Now

Arcade Archives Pac-Man & Arcade Archives Super Pac-Man – Nintendo Switch

It’s always good to start with the classics! Both of these titles are the quintessential Pac-Man experience, exactly how it was in the arcade back in the day. Obviously this is a fair bit cheaper than filling a machine with coins all day, and like other entries in the Arcade Archives series, these have a lot of modern conveniences that bring these classics to life for newer gamers.


Best Pac-Man games: a screenshot from Pac-Man 99 shows many different games being played at the same time

Pac-Man 99 – Nintendo Switch

Following hot on the heels of the addictive Tetris 99 comes Pac-Man 99, play the classic game against 98 other players online while battling to be the final surviving player. How you play also affects the players around you, so bagging fruit at the right time could send some extra ghosts to your opponents and secure you the victory. Here you can even unlock special skins for the maps, many of them based on classic Namco franchises.

Best Pac-Man games: A few players are playing a competitive version of Pac-ManPlay Now

Namco Museum – Nintendo Switch

So what if you don’t just want Pac-Man? Well this is a pretty good deal, and gives you a lot of variety. Featuring titles like Pac-man, Galaga, Splatterhouse, and others such as Rolling Thunder, there are a lot of classic games to discover. There are even some local multiplayer options just in case you really want to relive the arcade experience!

Best Pac-Man games: A brightly coloured scene shows a vibrant game of Pac-man being playedPlay Now

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus – Nintendo Switch

Imagine Pac-Man on Redbull and you’re halfway there. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus (I never want to type that name out again) takes all the classic gameplay and mixes it up with new visuals, effects, music, and plenty of new challenges. This can be shared with a friend as well, and if you’ve been a fan of the franchise for a long time, this could just be the shakeup you need.

Best Pac-Man games: A screenshot is shown of the arcade version of Pac-Man

Namco Museum Arcade Pac – Nintendo Switch

What if you want to buy both Namco Museum and Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus (damn it, my fingers hurt) in one package? Well, have I got good news, because for some reason this exists. Namco Museum Arcade Pac is literally just those two titles mushed together, but considering how much great stuff is in both, well it’s not a bad idea at all. It’s a comprehensive way to cover the best of Namco’s history at the very least!

Best Pac-Man games: n arcade is shown with a glowing neon Pac-Man light

Pac-Man Museum+ – Nintendo Switch

We’re slightly cheating here because this title isn’t out yet, but considering it’s just a collection of classic games with a few shiny changes, we can’t really imagine how this could go wrong. Pac-Man Museum+ looks to be an essential collection of every classic game in the Pac-man legacy, given a nice little upgrade and also filled with achievements.

You can even unlock customisation items and decorate your own tiny little arcade just by playing the games, so anyone who grew up with the little yellow cake with a single slice taken out, well this could be the perfect trip down nostalgia lane. Find out more now with our Pac-Man Museum+ release date guide.

Best Pac-Man games: Pac-Man moves through a maze to avoid an enemy made of glitches

Pac-Man 256 – Mobile

Are you sick of Pac-Man being finite? Do you want a game you could play if you were some sort of vampire or trapped in a black hole like that weird bit in Interstellar? Well hoo boy do I have the game for you. Pac-Man 256 is the “endless arcade maze” title that takes the Pac-Man gameplay and turns it into a thrilling chase that would make Vin Diesel wet himself.

This Pac-Man game has up to fifteen new exciting powers, a terrifying villain called the glitch, and a refined take on the classic Pac-Man formula that’s perfect for mobile. I hope I don’t sound sarcastic, because this is a genuinely great little mobile game for fans and newcomers alike. Download it now for iOS and for Android.

That is all we waka-waka have for the best Pac-Man games on Switch and mobile, but hopefully this is plenty to keep you busy for now! But if for some weird, awful reason you want to play a single game that isn’t Pac-Man (shudders), then be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to the best Switch games and have a browse for your next gaming fix.