Square Enix brings Japanese urban legends to life in Paranormasight

Square Enix is ready to bring the terror to Nintendo Switch, as the Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo Unveiled release date nears

A bunch of creepy looking characters

One of the best things about a Nintendo Direct is the games we get to see, and that goes for those that only appear during the show in certain regions. An upcoming Square Enix title just so happens to be one of those, but since we now have a Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo Unveiled release date, we can’t complain that it didn’t appear in the direct in the UK.

From the trailer, it’s evident that this is a horror game that embraces supernatural elements (as if the name doesn’t give that away). Better still, it features numerous spine-chilling ghost stories that are sure to capture your attention. Especially if you happen to have a fascination with Japanese urban legends.

As you play the game, you need to solve an assortment of puzzles to help uncover clues and gain a better understanding of the seven deadly curses. Just because, certain secrets should be left alone, and who knows what troubles await you as a reward for your curiosity.

What is the Paranormasight release date?

The Paranormasight release date is on March 9 for Nintendo Switch, so just a month to go. However, you can’t pre-order the title until February 20.

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