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Penguin Tycoon codes - free gems, items, and more

Our comprehensive list of Penguin Tycoon codes will have you smiling and waving at your penguin pals, while your flippers jingle with gems

Custom header for Penguin Tycoon using key art from the game

August 30, 2022: We checked for new Penguin Tycoon codes!

Have you ever wanted to be a penguin? Well, you’re in luck. With our Penguin Tycoon codes you swap out your regular Roblox character for an adorable friend with flippers. You can explore Antarctica searching for fish, swim with friends, or apparently, become a penguin ninja. Yes, you heard us right, penguin ninjas.

Our list of Penguin Tycoon codes will help you cope with the cold down south while picking up some extra goodies, though, disappointingly, there’s no free fish on the menu. There are, however, some customisable items, so you can have your penguin looking super fly, even if it can’t. We’re hoping for flying penguins in a later update. 

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Penguin Tycoon Codes

Active codes: 

  • 150klikes – hat
  • twitter50k – 50 gems
  • 100keyes – 100k eyes
  • POCKETTACTICS – 50 gems
  • Fishing – 200 gems
  • 50KHeart – heart eyes
  • MinerHat – miner hat

Expired codes:
There are currently no expired Penguin Tycoon codes. 

Penguin wearing a hat from one of the penguin tycoon codes

What are Penguin Tycoon codes?

You can use Penguin Tycoon codes to get in-game freebies without parting with your Robux. Many Roblox content creators include codes in their games so that players can join in the fun no matter how much they want to spend on the game. We’ll check in regularly for updated codes, so be sure to bookmark this page for the freshest information. 

How do I redeem Penguin Tycoon codes?

If you want to redeem your Penguin Tycoon codes, just follow these four simple steps. 

  • Open Penguin Tycoon in Roblox 
  • Hit the Twitter logo on the left of the screen
  • Input your code to the text box
  • Press redeem 

With that, you should be ready to fish and frolic around the icy wastes in style. If adventuring across Antarctica sounds like your idea of fun, why not check out our picks for the best exploration games on Switch and mobile for even more exciting expeditions. Or, if all this talk of everyone’s favourite flightless bird has you wanting to go full penguin, check out this cosy-looking penguin onesie.