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Pet Champions codes - free boosts for your furry friends

Pick your pet and power them up with our Pet Champions codes, giving you access to a wealth of feline freebies and doggy bag delights

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June 6, 2022: we checked for new Pet Champions codes

One of the most recurring themes in the Roblox library is undoubtedly the pet simulation genre. Pet Champions is one of the best of the bunch, with more than enough cute kittens, perfect pups, and other adorable animals to put together your ideal petting zoo. We can’t help to get them house trained, though. That’s on you. 

In our list of Pet Champions codes, we’ve got all you need to get a bunch of freebies and give a little love to your litter. As ever, the only other way you can get access to some of the in-game items is through microtransaction, so if you want to keep your cash for the actual pet in your life, these codes will help you to keep up with the crowd. 

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Here are the latest Pet Champions codes 

Active codes: 

  • 12klikes – 3x coin boost
  • 9klikes—3x coin boost
  • update6— lucky boost
  • 7500likes— lucky boost

Expired codes: 

  • 6klikes
  • 5kthanks
  • omg4k
  • 3000likes
  • 2500likes
  • 2000likes
  • 1500likes
  • 1200likes
  • 1klikes
  • 800likes
  • 600likes
  • release

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What are Pet Champions codes? 

Pet Champions codes give you access to a bunch of free in-game items to help boost your furry friends. You won’t unlock any actual pets through using codes, but you can help yourself unlock new cats and kittens by using the boosts provided to get more points. 

How do I redeem Pet Champions codes? 

Just follow these simple steps to reap the rewards from your Pet Champions codes. 

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Start Pet Champions on any device
  • Click the Twitter logo on the left side of the screen
  • Pasta a code from the list into the text box
  • Click redeem to get your items

With that, you’re up to date with all the most recent Pet Champions codes. Once you’ve had your fill of playing with pets, why not aim for something a little bigger with our picks for the best games like Monster Hunter on Switch and mobile. Of, if you’d love a pet of your own but don’t have the patience, why not pick up this pretty plush Eevee to keep you company.