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Dive into Aigis’ past in Persona 3 Aigis: The First Mission on Switch

A relic from the Persona archives, Persona 3 Aigis: The First Mission, makes its way to Switch in the near future as part of the G-Mode Archives+ series.

Persona 3 Aigis the first mission - key art of Aigis over artwork of Persona 3

Hey, are you a long-time Persona fan or Atlus follower? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the vintage prequel title, Persona 3 Aigis: The First Mission, gets a re-release on Nintendo Switch and PC soon thanks to G-Mode Archives+.

There currently isn’t a release date for The First Mission, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled. The game is slated for release in Japan, but we’re hoping for a US and Europe release as well – though we might be able to be sneaky with an international eShop account…

As we mentioned, the release comes from G-Mode Archives+, a series of re-releases on modern platforms giving new life to old mobile games on Switch and PC. G-Mode Archives refers to the studio’s own titles, whereas Archives+ covers third-party releases like The First Mission – previous releases include Burger Time and Mystia.

Aigis: The First Mission is a 2007 mobile title – yes, mobile games existed even back then – released on feature phones. For those of you not sure what that is, they were basically fancy brick phones like the Nokia 3310 that still had a keypad, but a lot of upscaled features.

The game follows key Persona 3 character Aigis in a story set ten years before the events of the third Persona title. It’s set at the Kirijo Ergonomics Institute where Aigis arrives during an incident in a training exercise, and things start going awry. Here, we learn a lot about her past, which is nice given that it’s not included in Persona 3 or any of its re-releases.

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The First Mission also brings in some other familiar characters and the titular Persona system to work on while leveling up Aigis and boosting her strength, all in the name of defeating shadows.

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