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Persona 3 characters

In our Persona 3 characters guide, you'll meet the team of misfits you need to balance high-school life with saving the world. Also, there's a dog on the team.

Persona 3 characters: The male and female P3 protagonists on a blue PT background

The Persona 3 characters are (predictably) caught up in some otherworldly shenanigans that are the reason the team has access to their, well, personas, but this could also spell trouble for Japan and the world at large. This guide tells you everything you need to know about the characters so that you can immerse yourself in Persona 3.

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Here’s our guide to Persona 3 characters.

Persona 3 characters: The male and female P3 protagonists on a blue PT background

Protagonist (male/female)

A silent protagonist, the player character in Persona 3 Portable lost their parents in a car crash many years ago. Eventually, they transfer to Gekkoukan High School where the events of the game start to occur. Known as a quiet and calm figure, ultimately the character’s personality is inferred from your choices throughout your journey through the game, so think of them as a self-insert.

They often wear their school uniform, have blue mid-length hair, and are often seen wearing headphones as well. Persona 3 Portable also introduces a female protagonist, who has the opposite color to the male protagonist in both their hair and their starting Persona. Outside of this, they’re mostly very similar, remaining a silent protagonist throughout the events of the game.

Persona 3 characters: Yukari outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background

Yukari Takeba

A girl who often likes to wear pink, cute outfits, Yukari Takeba is known in Gekkoukan High School for her cheery demeanor and is popular because of this. She does have a slightly short temper though, and occasionally lashes out with sarcasm when she’s annoyed.

Although she’s seen as popular, Yukari often feels quite lonely, keeping people at bay so they don’t find out about her past. You’ll have to play the full game to find out more about Yukari’s history.

Persona 3 characters: Junpei outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background

Junpei Iori

Another student at Gekkoukan High School, Junpei is an average-looking male student who often wears a hat and sports a goatee. His friends see him as a bit of a joker, verging on inappropriate with some girls, but he generally tries to be optimistic and raise other people’s spirits. Always trying it out with the ladies, Junpei is on the search for love but is probably going about it in the worst way possible.

Known more for playing video games or reading manga than studying, people often underestimate Junpei as being stupid, but he does have some street smarts and a knack for finding things. He’s also fairly brave, though most of the time this means he’s just reckless and ready to fight anyone to protect his friends.

Persona 3 characters: Mitsuru outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background

Mitsuru Kirijo

With her beautiful long, flowing red hair, there’s no mistaking Mitsuru. Often seen as mature, calm, and collected, Mitsuru adheres to the rules and speaks to people formally where she can. However, she has been known to drop the formality when she becomes very close with people such as Akihiko.

Because of her stuffy upbringing, other characters often make fun of Mitsuru because she hasn’t tried common foods like burgers and ramen. It’s ok Mitsuru, we won’t tease you!

Persona 3 characters: Akihiko outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background

Akihiko Sanada

Another student of Gekkoukan High School and member of the SEES group, Akihiko Sanada is known for his distinctive short grey hair and signature red vest. Many other students see Akihiko as the cool type, staying calm but often making sarcastic jokes to make the others laugh.

However, he does have a strong and somewhat angry side, which comes out in battles with shadows. He’s incredibly determined and is a huge asset to the SEES team.

Persona 3 characters: Fuuka outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background

Fuuka Yamagishi

A very kind, soft, and somewhat timid girl, Fuuka has short blue-teal-colored hair and distinctive large brown eyes. When in school, her shy personality makes her a target for bullies, and she even gets locked in the school gym at one point.

Despite this, Fuuka is a very forgiving person and goes out of her way to accommodate other people. Basically, she’s a sweet angel who we want to protect with our lives. Fuuka also loves computers and is fiercely intelligent, and if she could, she’d likely never leave her room.

Persona 3 characters: Aigis in her school uniform outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background


An android who transfers and attends Gekkoukan High School, Aigis initially doesn’t seem to have much of a personality. But her lack of understanding of human emotions and social cues gives her a quirky vibe, and the other students warm to her eventually.

Her intelligence and android abilities are essential to the SEES team and help them out of some real predicaments. She is also able to understand the dog Koromaru and translate her to the group, and that’s pretty incredible stuff, to be honest.

Persona 3 characters: Koromaru the dog outlined in white and drop shadowed on a blue PT background


The best boy, a beautiful white dog with a gorgeous coat, Koromaru is just absolutely adorable and instantly makes Persona 3 Portable a top-tier JRPG. Even though he’s a dog, Koromaru is weirdly smart and helps the SEES crew many times on their journey.

He’s very kind and shows extreme loyalty to the group, but also fiercely protects the shrine in Persona 3, as he thinks it’s a holy place.

That’s everything you need to know about the Persona 3 characters. We’re big fans of Persona at Pocket Tactics, so why not check out our Persona 5 Switch review, Persona 4 Switch review, and Persona 3 Switch review?