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Persona 5 X’s beta puts a hat on our phallic friend

The Persona 5 X beta may not have made its way over to the West, but one fan-favorite looks to be a little less… penile… than long-term fans are used to.

Persona 5 X beta header showing a red hat overlaid onto a green monster on a chariot, next to a red top hat, all on a grey background.

Persona 5: The Phantom X is an upcoming mobile game from Black Wings Studio, featuring all manner of things from Persona 5. There are classic characters, familiar locations, and lots of monsters to take down, all from one of the best JRPGs out there. However, one keen-eyed dataminer noticed a Persona 5 X Mara change that may make many milliners merry, though long-time fans? Not so much.

You see, the Throbbing King of Desire, Mara, has a unique design in the Persona 5 X beta, at least if a recent datamine shared on Twitter is anything to go by. Now, the previously penile peril has a far less veiny body, and a very large, metal-looking conical hat. The Throbbing King of Desire looks more like Boudica’s rice-farming demonic assistant now.

To no surprise, some fans did not take kindly to the revelation. “THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS HOW THEY CENSORED HIM”, says UltimaShadowX. Among other, sadly too-blue-to-share responses, there are a good few jokes, too. “Remember to always wear protection while riding”, says Worcanna.

Well, it’s not a genius disguise, but any phallic fans who only want one thing from Persona may want to, well, uh, maybe not be like that. At least she’s got a new hat.

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