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Persona 5: The Phantom X characters

Our band of brothers and sisters is growing with these Persona 5 Phantom X characters as we step back into the Metaverse for another adventure.

Persona 5 X characters: the protagonist in a busy square

The Phantom Thieves are back – sort of – in another adventure, and this time, there’s a new cast of friends for us to meet. Let’s look at the Persona 5 Phantom X characters, and what we know about them so far. We’ve dug up some new personas that the characters use, along with their codenames, and who some of them actually are.

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Now, let’s see who the new Persona 5 Phantom X characters are. Remember, names may be subject to change as the game is in its beta stages, and Perfect World Games is likely to add more characters.

Persona 5 X characters protagonist's appearance

Wonder (Protagonist)

Our new protagonist – who we name ourselves in the real world – goes by Wonder in the Metaverse. He’s a second-year student at Kiba Academy whose parents are away on travels, so lives alone in Zoshigaya. His starting persona is named Jánošík who appears to be a Slovak highwayman akin to Robin Hood.

brand new Persona 5 X characters Luffy

Luffy (Cattle)

Move over Mona, there’s a new cute animal sidekick in town: Luffy the owl! He acts as a guide in Persona 5 The Phantom X, and has his very own persona Rob Roy – a mecha bird. His Metaverse name is Cattle (we’re not sure why either). Luffy can also turn into a van in the Metaverse for easy transport.

Persona 5 X characters Suwa wearing her mementos outfit

Motoha Arai (Closer)

Motoha appears to be the first person you meet in Persona 5 Xt at school. Motoha is a second-year student, this time at Kiba Academy. She’s into sports and is a generally popular girl with a sunny disposition. Her Metaverse/party name is Closer, and her persona is Awilda.

Cognitive Manifestation characters

Aside from our main trio, other characters appear for us to join in battle. These are a little different, though – they are cognitive manifestations from the Sea of Souls. More on that when we get our hands on the game!

Persona 5 X characters Yuki: a grey haired woman wearing black

Yukimi Fujikawa (Yuki)

Those of you who got access to the beta may have met Yuki, a four-star character coming to Persona 5 X. She’s not introduced on the official site just yet, and Yuki may be her Metaverse code name, not her real-world identity. For now, all we know is what she looks like and that her persona appears as Styx, a personification of hate. Neat!

Persona 5 X characters Mont: a woman wearing white

Kotone Montagne (Mont)

Mont is another new face that Perfect World Games hasn’t officially introduced via the Persona 5 X site. Her full name is Kotone Montagne and she uses the persona Terpsichore, the goddess of dance and chorus, who wears white and blue. We can’t say too much about Mont until we get more details, so keep your eyes peeled.

Persona 5 X characters Seiji: a surly looking male character

Seiji Shiratori (Seiji)

There’s not much known about Seiji Shiratori either for now, other than his appearance and persona. His persona is Leucothea, named after a Greek sea goddess. It may be likely, again, that Seiji is his codename, but we need to wait for more information before we can confirm.

Other playable characters

Persona 5 Phantom X characters The Star character card

The Star

This character is a mystery for now – someone spied them on a card that most likely came from the gacha system, and is labelled as a four-star called ‘The Star’. Other characters’ cards don’t have a name on them, so there’s a chance this isn’t a playable character, but given there’s a persona in the picture it probably is a new party member. Stay tuned for more…

There are also some recurring characters confirmed to be part of the character pool as five-star units, which include:

  • Joker
  • Crow (Akechi Goro)
  • Noir (Haru Okumura)
  • Skull (Ryuji Sakamoto)
  • Panther (Ann Takamaki)
  • Mona (Morgana)
  • Fox (Yusuke Kitagawa)
  • Navi (Futaba Sakura)
  • Queen (Makoto Niijima)

It’s currently unconfirmed if characters from the third semester of Persona 5 Royal will appear.

Non-playable Persona 5 Phantom X characters

Persona 5 the phantom x characters npc: three characters drawn in an anime style

Igor and Merope

Igor, the owner of the Velvet Room where we fuse personas, has a new assistant in the form of Merope this time around. We don’t know much about her just yet, but you can be sure she’ll be a helping hand.

Munehisa Iwai

Reprising his role as an arms dealer is Iwai. He owns the Untouchable Airsoft shop in the backstreet of Shibuya’s Central Street.

How do I get new Persona 5 Phantom X characters?

New characters in Persona 5 X appear to be gained through a gacha system. There’s likely to be a couple of free units to get us going and some free pulls, too. The recurring character Igor, the Velvet Room owner, runs the gacha system in Persona 5 X, granting us new contracts with confidants.

Each character is either a four- or five-star rarity. For now, we’re not sure about pity rates, cost, or any 50/50 chances at a five-star unit, so we’ll update you when we know more!

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