Ramen Yokocho’s Persona-flavored menus will steal your heart

A mouth-watering collaboration between London’s Yokocho restaurants and Atlus comes next year to celebrate the release of Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 x Yokocho ramen collab - Aigis, protagonist, and Mitsuru over a picture of a ramen restaurant

I like ramen, I like Persona, and I enjoy going out for good food, so this Persona 3 Reload and Ramen Yokocho collab is right up my street. From January 16 to April 1, 2024, you can head to the ramen restaurants to indulge in themed food.

Ramen Yokocho has two locations, both near Piccadilly Circus in London, on Panton and Heddon Street. Here, you can gorge yourself on three set menus priced at £25 each, comprising two mouth-watering courses. There’s also merchandise on offer for the first time in Europe at the restaurants and the Japan Centre Ichiba.

Though P3R isn’t coming to Switch (yet), you can play almost every other Persona game on the handheld system – which we highly recommend you do as they’re excellent experiences. You can also grab Persona 3 Portable on the Switch.

Anyway, onto the delectable courses on offer – the three menus are themed around the main characters in Persona 3, namely the protagonist, Mitsuru, and Aigis. By the way, you also get limited-edition pins with each menu.

Some of the dishes on offer include Weird Takoyaki – that’s deep-fried octopus balls topped with condiments and spices – and Hagakure Gourmet King Ramen with 12-hr tonkotsu pork broth and BBQ pork belly, and the restaurant’s first Bao Burger of Mass Destruction, filled with teriyaki beef and bacon.

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Two desserts are on offer – Sweet, Sweet Thanatos and Marin Karin Parfait – a coffin-shaped chocolate brownie and a vegan ice cream parfait respectively, and you can wash it all down with one of two drinks – a Balm of Life or Snuff Soul, both of which are non-alcoholic fruity soda mixes. Or for more dessert options, head to the Ichiba Pop-Up in London’s Westfield malls to get limited-edition Persona 3-themed donuts and bubble tea.

If that’s not enough to entice you in, if you take a selfie in the restaurants and tag their social media (@ramenyokocho), you stand to win a limited-edition Atlus backpack brimming with Persona goodies like stationery and a bento box.​

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off for lunch because this has made me very hungry – but before I go, check out what we know about a Persona 5 The Phantom X release date and our recent Persona 5 Tactica review.